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gotta find that balance between girdles and feminism....
Remember Your A Woman

Remember you're a female it's still a man's world and man's city
That doesn't mean you should illicit pity
Time to get creative, time to not forget
I didn't buy that nail polish at the dollar store...it's a tiny thing that I still regret
But file them cleanly and clear coat your toes
Don't pretend when the event calls for it that you don't need pantyhose
Go all out with a garter and a classic black lace bra
Back in the day bad girls wore black underwear
Isn't that what you are?
Or from the truth
Has everyone drifted so far?

When you're trapped between a wall and a hard man
You've got nothing but your eyelashes too bad you didn't use mascara
Now you're gonna have to do what you have to
That could a be a little lie that comes with a girlish giggle
That could adding to your stories just a little
Remember you are a woman and he is man
It goes back to a very simple plan
Drawn out by the universe don't fix what isn't broke
But don't use that power of persuasion to sell yourself for coke
Only wanna be a called lady when it's right time otherwise I feel old
Like I'm some frigid and dries up and all my warm parts have gone cold
That only happens if you stretch it out enough and beat up your own body
That only happens if you don't walk eyes forward down the street
But stumble like a toddler

Remember you're a woman and you will run into being repressed
It's just a part of living but at least you're not possessed
I can choose if I want someone to own me at least for the night
I can choose who's got those psycho-killer eyes or a man who's got it right
Go home with perpetual frat boy you're going to get burned
So put your heels on a smooth surface
Take your body and push down and turn
There's a fine line I hope after enough missteps you'll learn
Remember you're a lady and you always will follow little orders
Nothing wrong with what that kind of situation borders
It's right next to the black panties and the starch sprayed onto shirts
It's the taller one wear pants
The shorter in a skirt

Think of the times girls didn't show their bodies
Think of times of sexy sweaters and hot toddy's
Mixing martinis and baking something sweet
I'll be your servant if you serve me right back
Remember you're a woman
You make up for what he lacks
You got his back.
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