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by Shade
Rated: · Short Story · Friendship · #1854993
This is a a short story about a boy and girl, love and a promise
There once was a boy and a girl who go by Luka and Micca. Luka is 20 years old and Micca is 19. These two had a history together of being deeply in love. but then one day Micca found herself a boyfriend. Luka didn't mind. He saw the boyfriend as only an obstacle. When Micca was alone without her boyfriend Luka would see her and they would hold each other, kiss each other and love each other just as they always had. Then Micca left her boyfriend. She was not happy with how she was with him. She changed around him and it made her sad. So she left him. Luka was happy and was by her side as he always was. He held her and kissed her and loved her as always. Luka stayed by her side. "I will always be here for you. I am by your side and in love with you." he said and promised. Luka thought the world of Micca. There was nothing to change his mind. Just as always when Luka believed everything was well Micca found herself another boyfriend. It saddened Luka but he was by her side just as he promised. He talked to her and helped her with anything she asked. But then slowly he noticed she began to change. She spoke to him differently. At first Luka didn't think anything of it. She spoke to him and it made him happy. But then her words lost all feeling and emotion when she spoke to him. He tried looking for the love and caring she always had in her voice with him but couldn't find it. Then one day she didn't talk to him. At first Luka didn't think anything of it. He thought she was just busy. Then the next day came and went without a word. Then the next day, and the next day, and the next. Finally Luka knew she forgot him. His heart dropped and he felt alone. What was one to do when someone you were deeply in love with didn't want you. He had almost given up hope when she called him. Then he realized she had changed. "What happened Micca? We never speak anymore." he said. Micca giggled and laughed. She was currently with her boyfriend and it made Luka's heart drop further. "Oh I am sorry. I have been spending time with Max. Sorry." she said.

Luka had had enough. He had always come first in her life. He was the one always there for her but it seemed he had been replaced. "Micca I am sorry but I can't do this anymore. I would pretend to smile as if nothing was wrong. You never knew. I would tell you how I felt but you never cared. you have changed Micca and I do not care for who you have become..." He said. Micca tried to make an excuse but Luka interrupted her "...Micca when is my birthday?" he asked. Micca paused and was silent. "I don't remember." she said softly. Luka sighed. "You have changed. You are not the girl I fell so deeply for. You are not the girl I made those promises to. I do not know you. Goodbye Micca." Before he could hang up the phone Micca spoke. "Please don't go. What must i do to keep you?" she asked. Luka thought if she had to ask then she already failed. But he spoke anyways. "I want my Micca back. I don't want Max's Micca but My Micca. The one I fell so in love with. The one I held and kissed and loved. If I can't have her back then never speak to me again. Those are your choices."

Luka waited to hear from her. "What will it be?"

"Will you be my Micca again and not change?"

"Or will you be Max's Micca and never speak to me again?"

Luka could never ask her to leave Max. From what she said he treated her well and made her happy. But in doing so she had changed to make him happy. Luka waited. He waited and waited as he always did for her but she never spoke. Finally Luka knew her answer.

"Goodbye Micca."

Luka hung up the phone and whipped tears from his eyes. He would never speak to her again as he said. Years went by and they never spoke. Luka never knew what happened to Micca. Micca never knew that after they hung up a few years later he was found dead. He was shot four times in the chest trying to stop a man from raping a woman in an alley. Neither knew that the man and woman he tried to stop was Max and Micca. Even till his dying breath he protected her as he promised all those years ago. It seemed life would never allow him to break his promise. In his pocket was a letter to Micca. It would never have been sent but it was written. If he never saw them in the alley Luka would have committed suicide. His life had fallen apart since he separated from Micca. And he believed the world would have been better off without him. The letter read as this:

My Dearest Micca,
                AS I write these words I remember the days we had together. Of your smile and the love in your eyes. I knew right away you were the woman I was destined to be with. But it seemed that destiny had many twists and turns. Many tests that we failed together. We have done everything together. But not anymore. You chose another for your happiness and to be honest i am glad. I am glad you found one that cares for you and loves you. I am glad he brings you happiness and joy. But in doing so he had forced you to change. You have changed from My Micca who believed everything had good somewhere, who was so smart and beautiful and so completely amazing I fell in love. And you turned into His Micca that was unfeeling and uncaring. You no longer thought of me as anything in your life. I was only an afterthought that even then was forgotten just because. I would and could never ask you to leave him for me. You are not that girl and I would not wish you to be. So as this I write my goodbye. The goodbye I failed to say those years ago. Goodbye Micca. I love you so completely and purely and honestly. Every time I spoke those words, of saying I LOVE YOU I always saw us together with a family. Of you as my wife. Of me by your side as I always promised. But it seemed you never saw that picture in your words. I love you with my dying breath and only wish you to be happy. My final wish in life is that you once again become my Micca. The beautiful girl with a heart of pure gold. Of love and joy and seeing the world as only you can and do. That is my only wish.

Goodbye my destined love

Love your Luka.
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