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This is a myth type story about a boy kicked from his family and cursed to live
Many say that those who do not know the past are doomed to repeat it. But what about those who know the past but repeat it anyways? What does that say about them? 200 years ago there was a large scale war between two clans living on a small island. Everything was seen as destroyed. The Clan of the Dragon and the Clan of the Tiger. These two clans were powerful in their own right but both wanted more. Small villages under their control began to suffer. Young men were forced to fight. Young woman were forced to become companions to the warriors. But I would not be the same. I was of the Dragon Clan and a feared warrior by right and by trial through combat. There wasn't an enemy I couldn't slay. Then one day things changed. On the battlefield there was a cry that seemed to pierce my heart. Following the cries I was led to a cave just outside the battle. Caution kept my footfalls silent. My weapon at the ready if i chose to use it. Inside the cave was a small boy. He wasn't breathing and at first I thought him to be nothing but a carved statue. Without warning I was bound and held by muscled tail bareing the emblem of my clan. Before me stood a dragon, his eyes glowing in the minimal light. "What do you know of Love and Loss?" it asked me. Honestly i was confused. I answered what I believe was right, "I love my clan. There is nothing more important to me. If I lost that I would be nothing." I said. The dragon looked upon me with knowing eyes.

"What you say is of no importance. You do not know such things that need to be known. You are not my son. As punishment you will be forced to live until such a time as you truly know Love and Loss." The Dragon opened his mighty maw and flames came forth covering my body. When my cries of pain became nothing but pitiful moaning the dragon continued His work. Once finished the dragon looked at my body. "Though you must know Love and Loss you will not remember your quest."

Present Day:
I was born August 19th 1988 and am finally turning twenty-one. Normally someone my age would think that I was going to drink till I puked, but that isn't the case. I have grown up in a Temple training to be a monk. The twenty-first birthday is the sign saying I am now eligible to undergo a test to see which path I will be taking in life. I could either continue my training as a Monk, Spiritual training, or travel through the caves and, if I survive, become a rare breed of human. The funny thing is nobody knows what i would become, none have survived. Like a normal person I had gone through high school and am in College, but on weekends and Holidays I was to work with my family at the temple.

"HEY! Luka!" a voice yelled out my name and I couldn't help but smile. I felt arms going around my right arm, holding me tight, as I looked at the one calling. Without a pause I took her hand as she held my arm. "Hey Micca." I said. We both went to the same college and she was my absolute best friend. Nothing would tear us apart and we knew everything about each other.

To me, whenever Micca was near by, I could conquer the world. I seemed to walk taller. My back felt straighter. To many they believed I became more intimidating. Nobody would approach me when Micca was near, and the same was true about Micca with me. But I paid no mind to them. Though she was my friend, I was happy to be this close to her.

"I guess it is tome for class." I said. Micca looked at me and sighed. "Oh, but you will give me a ride home right?" she asked. I nodded with a smile as she let go of my arm and ran to one of her many classes. As for my own, I had an elective. Today it was going to be my Martial Arts class, Shao-lin Kung fu. Many made fun of those that still practiced but I enjoyed it.

It was a time to reflect on myself and what I thought was truly important. Like why did I practice something outdated even though i could carry a gun or some other weapon. Honestly I prefer using my own body as such weapon. To know my limits and see just how far I am willing to go to fight.

Ever since I was little I could remember a feeling of never wanted to see someone I cared about hurt. I never wanted to see pain in the eyes of those I loved. So I decided then to practice Martial Arts. It has been 15 years and I still practice. I am a 5th degree black belt. I should be higher concerning how much time I have, but I never felt ready.

After that was the normal classes of math, sciences, social studies, and English. I had 4 other language classes every other day. So it was pretty much Math and Science on Monday, Chinese and French Tuesday, English and Social Studies Wednesday, Korean and Arabic on Thursday with Friday as a rest day. Normally then I would sit in on an art class and learn a few things. Though the arts I learned were Poetic Arts.

Micca liked to joke around and say I was a well rounded man. Which was fine by me. over the years I enjoyed learning new languages. I actually first met Micca in a Spanish class in grade school. Though I was placed in AP Spanish a month after, Micca and I would meet up at breaks and at Lunch to just be around each other. She was what made me want to learn languages.

I have learned to date: Spanish, Japanese, German, Greek, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Finish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Bulgarian, Hindu and as of recently Tagalog. I used these languages to tease Micca by complimenting her but telling her I said something different.

Today was Wednesday so I would be in my English class right now, which meant I would be seeing a rather interesting teacher who goes by the name of Mr. Shine. And believe it or not his first name is Sun so together it is Sun Shine. It was always a hot topic to his students considering despite his name Mr Shine always wore black and was a rather Goth individual.

"Class, open the books to the section on Rhythmic Pentameters." Mr. Shine instructed. There was an echo as 35 books turned to the page at the same time. nobody wanted to hold up the class when he was the teacher. "Today class we will read a poem of the Dragon Clan. This was a civilization believed to have lived thousands of years ago. In this poem it describes how the son of the Dragon king must fall in love with the daughter of the Tiger before he would ever be allowed home."

It seemed to me as if Mr. Shine was directing these facts for me only. Knowing what this poem was about made me want to listen all the more.
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