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Is this acceptable safe sex?

      Lady GaGa bears a striking resemblance to a girl I knew in the 9th grade.
  Her name was Daniel and she loved to dance. I called her twinkle toes.
  She'd do jumps and cartwheels and she got hit by a bicyclist once, but
  she jumped up with her hands waving; an indestructible force of love and
  energy. I see GaGa and think about twinkle toes. ..

      I can't imagine how Lady GaGa could manage her hyper career and a baby.
  Biology is very unfair. A mother needs time to bond with her child.
  Dancing is very bad for pregnant women. She could have a miscarriage.
  Maybe, this story is just tabloid nonsense... Well, if it isn't I wish Lady GaGa
  a beautiful cyclops. But, she'd better slow down.

      I think Daniel got married to a guy in construction.. I loved to watch her
  do cartwheels. ..

    Just my two cents.

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