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I posted it once before it did'nt save.Reconstructed it.Needs revising.
Come on all lets take a look
at this ongoing trend.
I'll try not to write a book,
I'll try to get to End.

The Facebook Way of Life
and all that it includes.
after it you say his not right,
that his being rude.

be with no Facebook a day.
I already know the score
that most of you will fail.

There were times not long ago
when people went outside
Places where we would go
other than being inside.

So now we all wonder why
our kids are fat and unhealthy.
When the answer to it lies,
in online life so fancy.

And even if we go
out, or someplace new.
We let everybody know,
of the daily "menu"

What is there to understand?
This is no test!
That life is not a grand,
sharing contest!

Hundred pictures of your kid,
for the world to see.
Naked, bathing, being fed,
watching-not just me!

All that information there,
everything you show.
Only when your ID-s gone,
then you ask.How?

And if later you come home.
Why surprised at what you see?
Everything you had is gone,
you forgot to say wheres the key!

So go on now "like" and "share",
up until you die.
And what I said here au contraire
it is not a lie.
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