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by Nixie
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Poets, what say you to a non-poet?

         In the fifth grade, I wrote my one and only poem-about my Golden Retriever. I included it at the end so people will understand the level of my comprehension. In the off-chance someone uncovers a poem in my portfolio, please don't read it. I have a few feeble attempts stored on my computer but nothing of value. I'm no poet.

         Understand my frustration when trying to review. Yes, I find short stories to occupy me, but usually I end up looking at a lump of words called a poem.

         It's someone's masterpiece-the highest expression of inner thoughts. Ascensions completed, epiphany's reached, souls bared, love shared.

         I find most poems metaphorical, but I don't meta your phoric.

         I hear the music behind the words, sometimes I catch a glimpse of intention, but usually end up sighing and clicking to another item. It's like half the WdC is submerged, and despite my high-tech scuba equipment-researching poems-I remain unenlightened.

         Poets, you know who you are. What would you tell me; what should I say if your gorgeous creation leaves me questioning my mental capabilities? Do you prefer I click away, or is there a secret formula to decrypting them?

         If you tell me your poem is a specific type, and include the requirements, I can count syllables and check out the technicalities.  That's not reviewing.

         I want to know the heart, the soul, the mind. Will you not share how your truths are divined?

         Not all stories speak to everyone, but if ten out of ten poems baffle me, I'm guessing my instincts are correct. Pass you by, although it saddens me.

         I'm brutal with my own work. I appreciate honesty above flattery and pats. If someone sent a review saying I just don't get it-and I have received those reviews-I remain unconcerned. There are plenty of readers who appreciate the story.

         I think I answered my own question. Stay away. But what if I have to know?

         I hear the majesty in your words, the power speaks to me, yet the message remains elusive. Would you appreciate a review from someone like me?

What should I be looking for-presentation, ascertaining balance, correct rhyming? Is a poem the cousin to a story, or is that prose? It might take me forty-five minutes to puzzle out a poem, and end up with nothing more than "Your words moved me, but I don't know why."

         To the submerged half of the WdC, I send my best and mourn my loss.

         Here's my poem, written in the fifth grade. The assignment was for a specific type of poem, and I don't remember. I only know I repeated the last line to satisfy the requirement.

My dog has two big eyes,

two big eyes of brown.

And when I look into those eyes,

they never make me frown.

I wish that I could tell you

how much she means to me.

But to understand our love,

you'd have to come and see.

You'd have to come and see.

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