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Rated: GC · Short Story · Contest Entry · #1855675
Created for Paradise Cove contest with a fantasy theme.
The intergalactic freighter bound for the Antares sector should have been decommissioned years ago.  Eventually, inevitably, the alarms screamed their warning and the crew left for their escape pods.  Adeene, the third engineer, encapsulated himself and the automated system blasted him free from the doomed ship.  In his rush, Adeene failed to secure himself properly and was disoriented as the pod hurtled into space.  As a result, he was unable to activate the proximity locator until some time after ejection.  Instead of arriving with other crew members at the nearest acceptable planetary system, Adeene spent some time in random space before activating the locator.

Adeene eventually found himself orbiting a blue/green planet, but the pod behaved erratically as it entered the planet’s atmosphere.  The landing destroyed the pod and Adeene was thrown clear, oblivious to everything until he woke in a strange place.  He was lying on a soft bed in a large room, almost completely devoid of furnishings, but with high windows that let in enough light to allow him to see clearly.  As he woke, he could feel pain just about everywhere and he tried to move as little as possible.

Shortly, a door opened and a man entered, tall with shining silver hair, brown skin and the brightest blue eyes Adeene had ever seen.  He was strongly muscled, a fact that was evident because, apart from a serviceable loin cloth, he was completely naked, and without discernible body hair.

The newcomer smiled, and Adeene had the sensation that his words were transmitted telepathically.  “My name is Jorron, and I’ve come to see how you are coping after your experience.”  The words echoed in Adeene’s head but before he could reply, Jorron continued, “I understand that you only communicate vocally.  You do not need to speak, I can read your thoughts as they form in your mind, but I will not abuse this power by going too deeply.  I am merely concerned for your wellbeing.”

Adeene reflected that he had been badly shaken up but nothing appeared to be broken or seriously damaged.  Jorron smiled, both through his face and eyes, and in the warm, empathic message he sent to Adeene’s mind.  “Good.  You will need to stay here for a while, and I have arranged for one of our best carers to help you heal.  Niula will be here shortly.”

Adeene wrestled with the implications of this new way of communicating, when his thoughts were interrupted by another newcomer.  Like Jorron, she had long silver hair, beautiful blue eyes and pale coffee coloured skin - and was naked apart from the loin cloth.  There was no doubt about her femininity.  Her breasts were firm and convex underneath, with a gentle s-curve above, and thick, brown nipples pointing upwards.  Adeene gazed at her in awe.

“My name is Niula, and I will be caring for you,” she told Adeene telepathically, “and I’m very flattered that you should think me so beautiful,” she continued with a deepening smile.

Adeene blushed, realising that it would be very difficult for him to keep his thoughts and feelings hidden.  Niula checked his injuries and he could “hear” her thoughts about his condition.  “There doesn’t seem to be anything seriously wrong, Adeene, but you will need to rest and recover for a week or two.  I will be here whenever you need me.  Just think my name and I will come to you.”  She smiled, touched his face with a warm, soft hand and left the room. 

As she did so, Adeene noticed protrusions on her back, each about the size of a duck’s egg, at the point of her shoulder blades and when Niula returned, he asked her about them.

“Oh, those are my nubs.  They’re the vestigial remains of wings; women used to have wings, but that was so long ago that the facts are beyond any memory.  Legend says that women used them to escape marauding men.  Times have changed and not much marauding happens today,” she smiled.  “The wings gradually disappeared, and all we have left are our nubs.  I’ll tell you a secret about nubs though,” Niula continued with a broad grin.  “When a woman’s nubs turn bright pink, it means that she is in season, and can be impregnated.  Some men stare openly at women’s backs, but it is regarded as rather impolite.”

“I see.” Adeene decided to take a risk. “Is it also impolite to stare at a woman’s front?  You have the most beautiful breasts I’ve ever seen.”

Now it was Niula’s turn to blush.  “That depends on who it is and what he’s thinking,” Niula’s reply carried mischievous overtones, and Adeene watched her closely.  Her blush spread across her chest and she laughed, saying, “Now stop that - I don’t want to cause you to over-excite yourself, even though I don’t find it impolite.”  Niula hurried from the room, leaving Adeene to some very pleasant speculation.

Niula eased Adeene’s wounds with unfamiliar treatments, but which clearly worked well.  At the same time, he found his relationship with Niula strengthening.  In particular, he found ways to make her laugh; the sound of her deep warm laughter was quite intoxicating, and she also projected a sweetness and sense of fun that could leave his mind reeling.

They also discovered more about each other.  Niula was fascinated by Adeene’s jet back hair as well as his quite pronounced body hair.  Adeene was interested in the different skin colourings of her people; Niula told him that this came with age.  Babies’ skin was very pale, almost white, and as people aged, their skins grew darker until very senior members of the community were nearly black.  Very dark skin was regarded with respect and as a mark of wisdom.

Their relationship strengthened until one day, Adeene took Niula in his arms and kissed her.  He then stroked across her nubs, and was shaken by the strength of her response.  Niula gasped and writhed against him while a flare of hot, sensual emotion flooded through his mind.

“Oh, Adeene, stroking my nubs like that is so exciting; it makes me want to give myself to you.”  Niula continued with another of her broad, enticing smiles, “If you were to have done that when they were rosy pink, I would probably have taken you by force myself.”

“Niula, I’m so sorry,” Adeene replied, “I didn’t know …”

“Nothing to be sorry about my sweet Adeene, I have seen into your soul and I know that you are a good man.  I enjoyed your caresses, but be careful - you don’t know what sort of passion you may unleash.”

Adeene and Niula grew closer, but Niula’s comment about seeing into his soul worried him.  Adeene realised that he had no defences against anyone entering his mind.  It was open to any exploration or probing and he wouldn’t be able to stop it.  This played on Adeene’s mind so much that he started avoiding Niula, trying to work out what he could do about this openness to any mental intrusion.

Eventually, he sought out Jorron and explained his problem, saying that he thought it best if he left the community and went elsewhere.  Adeene continued, “I know I’ve hurt Niula, but I don’t want this to continue, so maybe it’s better for everyone if I go.”

Jorron thought carefully and then said, “Adeene, you can’t really escape - everyone in this world has the same abilities, although some are more developed than others.  Don’t you think that Niula would be even more hurt if you walked out on her?”

Adeene looked forlornly at Jorron.  “I know, and I certainly don’t want to hurt her any more than I already have, but with my mind fully open to anyone who wants to explore it, I feel very vulnerable and unable to defend myself.  I don’t have a lot to hide, but sometimes I might like to keep myself to myself.”

“Yes, I understand,” Jorron replied, “I think it might help if you talk to Torm.  He’s the finest healer in the community, possibly in the world, and a very wise man.  Come with me and we’ll see what he says.”

They found Torm sitting with an older woman who introduced herself as Gera.  Her introduction surprised Adeene when she said, “I am bound to Torm.”

“Bound?” Adeene queried, “That sounds a bit like slavery.”

“Oh no,” Gera was quite forthright. “It’s nothing like that.  I have freely chosen to be with Torm as his partner for the rest of our lives.  I will support him, serve him and love him, but, importantly, he agrees to do the same for me.  Yes, in a binding, the woman submits to her partner, but it is a very benevolent submission, and she is able to meet him on an equal basis.  Only in the most extreme circumstances can he outright demand her submission; in over thirty years, Torm has never made that demand of me.”

“I see,” Adeene was impressed by her willingness to explain.  “It sounds very much like love to me.”

Gera smiled and nodded her head.  “Yes, of course, but there is an added dimension of devotion, or obedience or dedication that works both ways and benefits both partners.”

Adeene was impressed and turned to Torm who smiled and said, “I couldn’t live without Gera; we are two halves of the same whole.  Now, Adeene, I’ve heard about you and I understand you’re having difficulty protecting your mind?”

“Yes,” Adeene confessed.  “I love Niula so much, but I can’t go on knowing that she can delve into the secrets of my soul without any protection at all.”

“Hmm, I understand your problem, Adeene; this is something our people are born with, but I think we can help you to protect yourself.  Come back here this time tomorrow.”

Adeene returned at the appointed time where six elderly men including Torm, awaited him.  After introductions, Adeene was instructed to lie on a raised bench, and Torm and his associates linked hands.  Adeene felt a strange buzzing in his head, but after around thirty minutes, Torm instructed him to stand.  “You may feel a little dizzy for a while but that will pass,” he said.  “Now I shall attempt to enter your mind; just concentrate on creating a barrier to prevent me from doing so.”

Adeene did as he was instructed and felt a barrier forming in his mind that prevented unwanted intervention.  “Good,” Torm commented, “You seem to understand the process well.  This is at your command and can be as strong or as limited as you choose.  Just a word of advice - we discourage the continuing use of strong exclusion as being rather rude.”

Feeling relieved, Adeene went in search of Niula, and found her staring disconsolately into the middle distance.  He stroked his hand over her soft, silver hair and apologised profusely for keeping his distance over the past few days.  He explained his problem and told her how it had been resolved, and Niula beamed at him, pulling him down to sit beside her, nuzzling into his neck.

Then she looked up at him sharply, “Hey, no blocking me out even though you know how to do it!,” she demanded, but Adeene laughed and told her, “Just testing,” and sent her a strong thought that said, simply, “Kiss me.”

Niula laughed openly and started with a sweet, warm kiss, progressing to a hot demanding lingual exchange that left them both gasping and clinging to each other.

“Adeene,” Niula said in a low, sexy growl, “My nubs are bright pink; I need you to impregnate me.  Give me a baby, please, my lovely Adeene.  Do it now.”

Adeene took her by the hand and they returned to his room.  Niula threw off her loin cloth and lay on the bed with open arms.  Adeene was just a fraction of a second behind, then held her in his arms and kissed her.  He stroked firmly across her nubs while kissing, licking and nibbling on her nipples and the effect was dramatic and instantaneous.

Niula arched her back and clawed her fingers into Adeene, crying out in need and passion.  Adeene decided that he wouldn’t be rushed, and kissed his way down between her breasts, across her tummy and down to the top of her cleft.  Niula moaned and cried, demanding to know what he was doing.  Adeene kissed her wet pussy and nibbled on her enlarged clit, which sent Niula into a rapture of ecstasy and a rapid, loud and powerful orgasm.

“Oh Adeene, what just happened?” she asked in wonder.

“Have you never been with a man before, Niula?” he asked and when she shook her head, Adeene continued, “Well, I’d better be gentle with you.”

Niula murmured and mewled as he stroked across her moist vagina, and then drew her upwards and she swung one leg across his lower abdomen.  This caused her hot, wet pussy to be poised above him and she gradually lowered herself, trembling and moaning with pleasure.

“This may hurt a little bit, my darling Niula,” He said as he slid smoothly inside her and reached her maidenhead.  He gave one sharp thrust, bursting through as Niula screamed at the shock.  Adeene held still until Niula let him know that the pain had subsided, then moved in long slow, deep strokes into the heat and moisture of her tight channel.  Niula bounced and squealed on top of him, sending colourful messages of love and lust which became brighter and deeper as she neared her second orgasm.

Adeene could also feel himself nearing a shattering climax, and with a shout, emptied his seed into Niula’s waiting and fertile womb.  That was enough to finish her orgasm and she shook and wailed in Adeene’s arms as the ecstasy overtook her.  They lay on his bed, touching and stroking each other and whispering words of love before both fell asleep.

Two weeks later, Niula burst into Adeene’s room, giggling with delight.  “Adeene, oh, Adeene, we’re going to have a daughter.  Aren’t you excited?”

“Yes, I guess so; are you okay with this - and your parents?”

Niula’s eyes opened in wonder.  “Of course, you silly man.  Any baby is a cause for great celebration. The whole community will support us.  I’m going to be a mummy,” she crowed with delight.

Adeene accepted his new status gracefully, but he was soon faced with an unexpected setback.  He was visited by Torm and Gera, with expressions blended from shock and excitement.  “Adeene,” Torm started, “I’m sorry to tell you that you won’t be able to see Niula for a few weeks.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with either Niula or the baby, but something totally unexpected has happened and she needs to stay completely quiet.  I will ensure that you are kept informed of her wellbeing, but she is to be isolated for a while.”

Adeene was astonished and anxious being forced to wait for over six weeks, even with help from Niula’s equally worried family.  Then, an amazing revelation occurred that he was almost unable to accept.  One morning, he felt a torrent of powerful emotions emanating from Niula, and as she approached his room she sent a message; “Adeene, please close your eyes.”

He did so and felt a slight warm breeze inside his room.  Niula told him to open his eyes, and he almost fainted.  Niula was standing in front of him, with two beautiful white wings spreading from where her nubs had been, arching up her neck, and down past her knees.  “Oh Adeene, my dearest love; YOU HAVE MADE ME TO FLY,” her words were shouted rather than thought, her voice breaking with powerful emotions.

Then Adeene had one of the most beautiful experiences of his life.  Niula linked her arms round his waist, kissing him deeply, and then spread her wings so that he was enfolded in their soft, lightly perfumed embrace.  “Torm thinks this is because of material that you carry in you, handed down from generation to generation.  No matter, you are the man whose seed caused me to grow my wings and I adore you.  You belong here in my embrace, Adeene, my love.  I need to be bound to you forever, so that we will always be together and I can love and serve you always.”

Adeene looked at her and then asked, “Niula, are you certain that this is what you want?”  Adeene got no further as his mouth was closed with a big sloppy kiss.  He then came to an irrevocable decision.  “Yes,” he whispered, “but please wait a little as there is something I must do.”

Niula agreed with some hesitation, and Adeene left to search through the remains of his pod.  He found what he was looking for, and returned to Niula, waiting outside his room.  She looked at him quizzically, and Adeene told her, “This is an emergency beacon.  It is transmitting a signal to identify my location to any spacecraft in the vicinity.”

“So your people can find you?” Niula queried, her heart sinking.

“Yes,” Adeene confirmed, “but I hope this will show you how much you mean to me.”  So saying, he picked up a large rock and completely destroyed the beacon.

“Niula, I can think of nothing I want more than that we be bound together.”

With tears in her eyes, Niula again enveloped him with her wings, sending a huge wash of love, compassion, devotion and fun through Adeene’s mind.

Suddenly, Niula broke out in an almost hysterical giggle.  “Oh my poor Adeene, do you realise what this means?  Almost every woman of child bearing age will be queuing up for you to impregnate her so that she too can grow wings.  We must find some way to protect you, my love, or they’ll kill you with kindness.”

“Maybe,” Adeene laughed, “but what a way to go!”

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