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by Amay
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As I'm preparing to retire, I'm facing another new beginning in my life.
New Beginning

         She sat on the precipice watching the sun rise over the mountain ridge. The darkness dissipated unfolding the dawn of a new day. The roosters began their early morning ritual bidding the quite night adieu. Song birds began chirping adding their melodious tunes. In the distance she could hear the cows and donkeys joining in the chorus. All the familiar sounds of the morning welcomed the light that began to illuminate the beauty of the world around her.

         This was the day of change, just like the dawning of this glorious day, it was her new beginning. Things would be different, and new challenges awaited her. But here in her favorite place, she prepared her heart to meet the dawn.

         New beginnings were so hard; leaving the security of the known, and friends. Facing the unknown, the uncertainty about what would lie behind each bend. Self doubts kept floating into her mind as the cool breezes rustled the leaves around her.

         The melodious songs of the birds caught her attention. Bringing her back into the awareness of where she was. She had not come to this place for doubts and self recriminations. She came for comfort, and security. The peace of her surroundings filled her. The dawning colors of the new day filled her senses. She realized the beauty of the new beginning of this day, was just like her own.

         The preparations had already been made, even before the hours of darkness to make this sunrise special. Thus it had been with her. She had prepared herself for this new beginning. Now was the time for it to unfold, like the wings of a butterfly fresh from its cocoon. Knowing in her heart that all would be well, she began the walk to face her new beginning.

Each and every day is a new beginning. "Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it." Goethe
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