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Rated: E · Poetry · Contest Entry · #1855799
The weather's effect on our daily life.
They say the weather’s part of our life,
sometimes cold winds can cut like a knife;
I feel west winds when I’m at the store,
I see dust devils right at the door!

Wind on pane, remnant of a hurricane;
freeze and fog, raining cat and raining dog.
In the drive, Chinook wind will then arrive;
here I go, watching all the melting snow.

But see how climate follows the sun,
greenhouse effect has frost on the run.
I rake those leaves out back by the fence,
yet sudden gale returns oak leaves hence!

Drought and heat, forecast minus rain complete.
Isobars, acid rain to fade our cars.
When we fly, condensation nuclei;
here I go, will it rain or will it snow?

I see the knuckles high in the storm,
one day I’m cold, the next day I’m warm;
we walk on paths for our exercise,
not knowing what will fall from the skies!

Cirrus cloud, filament of ice allowed.
Don’t think twice, watch your step on that black ice.
Microburst, sudden sinking air dispersed.
Ebb and flow, weather like a rodeo.

They plot the models of weather change,
occluded fronts are home on the range;
when cold steals warm we button our coats,
when flash floods come we get in our boats!

At the door, will it shine or will it pour?
Overcast, polar ice is melting fast.
Day and night, lightning bolt can give a fright.
This we know, we’re with weather as we go.

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