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Witness the story of a new breed of elemental wizardry...you think you know magic?

The wind kept blowing hard as it carries the thick mist. The darkness of the night being sliced by the light escaping by the branches of the trees. I looked to my right but only old high trees fills the gap of my gaze. The ground was rather muddy after drizzles of rain started a while ago. I was following a man made path across the thick vegetation when flashes of balls of light came flying near my left side.

A voice was shouting at "Get out! Run! NOw!" a shrieking woman echoed inside the woods. there was no time to look where those balls of light came but everytime it hits an object it dissintegrates it like being strucked by bolts of electricity. I started speeding up to a full sprint, I was running for my life someone or something out there was trying to kill me. Series of attacks missess me as I try ditching every hit they threw at me. I jumped, stumbled and rolled landing on my back i hit my head hard on something which revealed to be a rock formation.

I was out of breath, cold sweat dripping down.. I recognize the stench of blood which i tried locating.. i reached back and found out i was cutted open by the jagged rocks. Then a loud cry of a man yelling "DIE!" as a ball of light hit me straight at my face. Everything went black. My whole body was burning up catching every single breath I could master..my ears was ringing like hell that made my head like it was being cracked open like an egg.

I openned my eyes again and the scenery changed i was lying in my bed inside my room which i spent my whole 19 years of my youth. I was literally burning up, it was unimaginably unbearable it wasnt like any other fever i had every single year this time it was like i was being boiled alive. I was not sweating at all like something in me got broken, every part of my body ached like hell. The desk clock ringing 6:00am.. I tried yelling but my throat was stricken dry..I pulled myself to my feet trying to reach the bathroom inside my room..It was not only the clock which was ringing but also my ears..my head was like in my sleep being axed into two..i was unbalanced in my steps that i lost my footing luckily i grasped the wooden frame of the bathroom door. I was shocked smoke was escaping my hands and the wooden frame burning. I was so paranoid that i went straight to my tub. I fell in..all the strenght was sucked out of me..but i cant die like this..i gathered all of my strenght and openned the showers.

As the cool waters hit my body, i was like a molten metal suddenly droped in an ice filled pool..smoke bursted out of the tub triggering the smoke detectors. Last thing i could remeber is that my mom was furiously knocking at my door..my door bursted open and i saw my dad and my mom rushing to my aid..

Again everything went black..


Ice..The feel of cool water. It soothes my burning skin. Submerged, I openned my eyes witnessing the vast deep blue waters sorounding me. The silence was indeed deafening yet it bring some sort of peace. The ringing in my ears wasnt there anymore so as to the nagging headache from before..diminishing every second i spent inside. Raising my hands towards my face I feel the liquid against my every movement it was like magic. It was the most peacefull moment of my life, I closed my eyes..

As time goes by..i remembered one simple fact.. HOW CAN I BREATH UNDER WATER?.. I started to wriggle out, craving for a gasp of air..I openned my eyes to see anything i couldhold on to lift me off the waters.. I saw a blurry vision of a ridge poking out in the sun.. I swam towards it grabbed the sliperry formation and pulled myself out of the body of water taking in strong gasps of air like I never did before. I saw the sliperry handles turned out to be the handle bars of my tub where i was actually soaking in deep..the sun i saw was actually the flourescent light peeking out from beneath. I was dreaming again.

My mom and dad was startled with those large gasps of air I made, but looking in their eyes it seems nothing odd really happened to me.

"Is the water to warm fro you honey?" Mom asked which then I gave a slight nod..

she blinked her eyes which gave it an esscaping glow of deep blue..Petrified it felt like i was bolted in my position. She dipped her finger in the tub water and immidiately the warm water iced up. I was shaking, not just because of the temprature but because of fright and confusion..

"MOm, what did you just do?" I asked shaking.

"Just cooling you down Honey, you gave us quite a scare" she replied.

"Step aside, youre over doing it..look he's freezing like an popsicle.." My dad stepped in..he blinked just like what mom did but instead of a deep blue he emitted a firey red glow..he pointed his fingers towards the tub and instantly the iced water thawed out.

"Dad..what did you just do?" I asked the same way i did with mom..confused.

"No, yourre doing it wrong!" my mom battled out with dad as i was bathed in water turning into ice then thawing out back and fourth.

"Wait...wait...Just STOP! STOP! (momand dad only continued on..) STOP!!" I raised my voiced then they halted.

My mom looked my father in the eyes and gave out as slight clear of throat but slightly speechles..

"Son..there is a simple explanation for this ..." My dad started..

"SIMPLE? you just magically iced up and thawed the tub out of nowhere and then now youre telling me its simple?!" I sarcastically commented. My mom held out her hands and placed it on my right shoulder..

"Well honey, you will prune up if youll not get out of there you know.." She said to me with a comforting tone..

"Better dry up.. it will be a long..... story" My father ended as he made a head gesture telling me to get out of the tub.

I was still refusing to understand the situation. It was all against what I know but something inside of me was assuring that it will be a doozy of an explanation to help me understand...

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