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Phoenix's new MacBook Air was to arrive today...
Phoenix out of bed and looked out the window.  It was a rain/snow mix and the slush was falling in large wet clumps from the trees above.  Great weather to receive his new computer in, he thought.  Oh, well.  It would be here today!  He went to his computer and got online.  Sketching, drawing, and painting were a major part of Phoenix's lifestyle and a source of relaxation for him.  He was still contemplating getting the hardware and the software to be able to turn his new MacBook Air into a graphic novel-producing wonder.  Phoenix really wanted to order it, but he thought he should slow down on the spending until he figured out if there was anything else he absolutely needed for his computer.

Before he knew it, it was time for Phoenix to go meet his case manager.  After he got done with the meeting, he drove back home.  More sheet music for his guitar had arrived, which he was very pleased about.  His ethernet cable adapter for his computer had arrived as well, but still no computer.  He got online and decided to order the hardware/software package for the digital artwork he wanted to be able to do.  He even had some points to apply toward his purchase due to his Visa being the Amazon.com variety with rewards.  It discounted his total by almost $39.  Phoenix decided he was tired after all of that, so he took a nap.  Once he woke up a few hours later, he decided he should get his report rewrite done for his class the next day while he was waiting for his MacBook Air to show up.

As Phoenix walked his completed rewrite out to his school bag, the doorbell rang.  His spouse answered the door and accepted the package while Phoenix signed for it.  Praise the good Lord, Phoenix thought, and squirreled the contents of the box away to his office once the large box was opened and the packing material was stripped away.  He opened the box carefully, as not to damage anything.  It was great.  Phoenix had not had that much fun opening boxes in a long time.  Well, not since he got his guitar, at least.  He went through the contents of the box, removing the razor thin laptop first.  It was cold, being aluminum and having been in the UPS truck all day long.  He unrolled the power cord and plugged it in.  As he was going through the rest of the contents of the box, he noticed that there was no recovery key included.  He called customer service to make sure that there was not an error.  They assured him that it was all built in to the computer in OS X Lion and that he had nothing to worry about.  Phoenix was relieved.  By the time he was done talking to customer service, the laptop had warmed up enough that he thought he could fire it up for the first time.  He held the power button down for three seconds.  Power on.  It was remarkably easy to set up and he was amazed at its speed.  He got online, registered his computer and his protection plan, and installed and registered Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, which took up a stunning 1.65 GB of his precious space.  Phoenix had to be able to use this computer for school as well, though, so he would just have to be careful when he saved things that he saved them on USB flash drives instead of his computer for the sake of space.  This was a terrific little machine.

Phoenix was ready to show it to his spouse, who was thoroughly impressed with it.  Phoenix opened the photo booth function on the computer and took a picture of his spouse.  That was fun for both of them.  Phoenix showed his spouse many other things about it and then went and plugged it back in to the power cord.  The battery was supposed to get approximately seven hours' wireless operation, but Phoenix did not want to try that out just yet.  He was just enjoying the novelty of the Mac and its applications.  It was a thing of beauty.  He was not sure that he liked it better than his PC or not yet.  It was still too new.  He was hooked on the idea of finding out his preferences, though.  That was the fun part.
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