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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1856028
Just a few pieces of my book
         Unlocking secrets from your past

Your past defines who you are today.~1~ The good things and the ~2~

bad, this statement is true, no matter what anyone might ~3~

Everyone has a secret, something they wish they could ~4~

change or just wished it, never happen in the first place.~5~
Jacob was a preacher’s son, 15 years old, dark hair, smart, ~6~

muscular and very charming.~7~ However, Jacob had a darker ~8~

side; no one could see coming.~9~
Jacobs's father was the same as his son, attractive, smart.~10~

He was a fill-in preacher, for the local church, in this small

town; however, his darkness is part of Jacobs.
Jacob met his friends Matt and his brother Shawn through

the church, they, became fast friends.
Secrets will unveil as each boy tells their story, of how their

past, defined who they are now.
Jacob, I can’t do this. Screaming fiercely, would you be quiet

dumb ass. She is dead.
Matt, do it. DO IT NOW. Jacob whispering she so holey than

now in church, but she’s a Slut, a prostitute. Matt began

cutting into her, piece by piece. They placed her body into a

garbage bag. Jacob then cut a cross into her chest. They
Left the torso with the cross, out in the woods, hoping that

the animals don’t find it first, Jacob wanted the cops to find it.
Shit someone's coming, matt begins to whimper. Jacob grabs

the bag, and whispers to Matt. Its ok were doing good not evil

man. Now shut-up and hide.

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