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What Fools We Mortals Be; Who's Fooling Who?
Just the Right Rite-2913

         It’d been a pretty shitty week; Alf's job was on the line because of a nearly botched IT project, his cat escaped from his apartment, and he had to finally acknowledge that although he was an engineering wizard, he was socially inept. Twenty-nine years old, single, unattached and in an emotional void, he decided to forego the usual Friday night booze-up with his workmates, and take the long walk back to his apartment instead.

         Radella had somehow slipped through her door and disappeared, after many years of refusing to leave under any circumstances. A man with a cat? Well, yeah; especially if it came to him one day and refused to leave. He was normally a dog kinda guy, but years ago she’d managed to make herself right at home, and took over many of the ‘control’ issues usually associated with girlfriends or wives in a man’s life.

         However, the image of his bosses face inches from his, his fetid breath blowing gusts into his airspace stuck with him this evening. That little place that held his sense of security and his professional well-being had begun to unravel.

         “One day, Mister Alf Lucas, even your luck is going to run out, and you’ll be eating shit and chasing rabbits, just like the rest of the ‘bit flippers’ out there,” he snarled.

         Alf’d been called into the project at the last minute, just before it was about to plunge into utter failure. In four insane days of reconfiguring, slashing, reprogramming, and no sleep they finally succeeded. The team threw a little party for him that Thursday night, in recognition of his efforts, but the next day was a nightmare.

         Calling the entire team into his office, including Alf, the boss began to rake everyone over the coals, despite the ultimate success of the whole contract.

         Alf thought that he was going to be the ‘baby thrown out with the bath water,’ simply to save the boss some face. It didn’t happen, but he wasn’t terribly happy either. As a matter of fact, he was feeling damned depressed.

         He tried to remember back to a happier time when he relished his life, but nothing came to mind, at least recently. It was then that he noticed that the evening had produced a rather thick layer of fog in front of him, doubtless courtesy of the lake that bordered the walkway back to his apartment.

         No big thing, he thought, although he figured that it was a fitting end to an already crappy week. The fog took advantage of his slow plunge into its midst, coating his body with a very fine mist. It didn’t dissipate as he continued his walk however, and became thicker as he continued to move into it.

         Then, something happened that pulled his mind back to an interesting event from an otherwise dull past. An electric blue glow attached to his body as he strode through the fog, and as he watched it intensify, recollections of Alicia White rushed into his head, the only other time he’d ever seen this sort of thing in a fog.

         They had grown up together, but they formed a bond unusual even for those days. Two houses down from his, they’d spent countless hours together, her filling his head with tales of witchcraft, and him teaching her how to be a reckless maverick. He remembered those days as the wildest and most enjoyable periods in his life.

         She had been a bit skinny, with shiny red hair, and most striking of all a blue left eye, the other brown. Bright to the point of brilliance, she was home-schooled until the end of high school, so he suspected that her social life had consisted primarily of their outings and her invitation by him to attend his senior prom, escorted by him, of course.

         The glow on his body had become bright enough to allow him to find his way along the sidewalk towards his apartment, but he wasn’t particularly worried, in fact, it actually gave him some comfort.

         That first time it’d happened, Alicia had suggested that ‘spirits’ had illuminated their way so that they could continue their enchanted stroll. As he recalled however, he’d gone through a particularly stressful day, witnessing the breakup of his parent’s long marriage, and had sought out her company for solace.

         When he’d left for college, they’d lost touch, but he remembered feeling a serious sense of loss at their separation. She’d seen him off that summer, and the last thing she’d said to him, was “Love you”. He’d hugged her, and whispered back, “Love you, too; don’t forget me.” Pulling off his sport letter pin, he’d attached it to her blouse with the admonition, “If you ever need me, just send this back.”

         Whatever happened to us? He wondered. Seemed like ages ago.

         As he continued his walk, he recalled her sounds, scent, and her touch. Aside from the emptiness he felt at that moment, he was beginning to feel better simply by remembering their adventures together. The scent of damp forest engaged his senses right now, reminiscent of their long walks through the forests back home and he found his heart aching for those innocent days once again.

         It gradually began to occur to him that he’d been walking much longer than he expected, and still hadn’t located the usual landmarks to his apartment. The glow from the fog intensified, but didn’t reveal any more of the path than before. He really had no choice other than continue until he could see something familiar.

         And see something familiar he did, although it wasn’t quite what he expected. The blue aura had accompanied him through the fog, revealing the path ahead, and ultimately his cat, Radella, sitting in the path, waiting for him. Strangely, she didn’t rush up to him as usual, but carefully watched him approach, occasionally glancing behind her. This was getting just a bit creepy, he thought, but began to walk once more.

         Radella had fallen into step beside him, and soon he ran out of sidewalk. Turning, he noted that the fog had turned into an impenetrable wall behind him. Glancing ahead, he could see that the blue glow had persisted, along with the fog, but the landscape before him had become forest-like, and appeared to be illuminated now with the soft glow of evening. The air was comfortably warm, and still filled with the earthy scent of nature. This was perfect, he thought, but out of place and time. Curiously, the tension of this past week seemed to evaporate as he moved ahead.

         A breeze caressed his body, and the sounds of forest interrupted his confusion long enough to allow him to take full stock of his situation. Vaguely familiar, the scenery was reminiscent of, what…? The woods behind his old house when he was growing up came to mind as the closest comparison.

         A sharp growl broke him out of his reverie, and he spotted Radella running off ahead of him into the woods. He headed towards where she’d disappeared, but didn’t hear anything more. As bizarre as all this was to him, if this was a dream or a hallucination, it seemed way too real.

         Weird wasn’t a stranger to him, as his very beginning in this world was a page out of myth, depending on how you hold beliefs in the Old Testament of the Bible. He showed up as a baby in a reed basket on the doorstep of his future step-parents. He wasn’t Moses; he wasn’t leading people out of slavery to a new land. Apparently he was just a ‘discard’ of some kind, not welcome in the family that bore him.

         A small note was attached to his blanket with a single word on it; Aelfweard. That accounted for his name, Alfred, but research years later revealed that it was an old English word meaning “Guardian of the Elf”. Cute…

         He sighed as the memories came back, and just moments later, Radella reappeared, but followed by a stunning apparition. Before his eyes, clad only in a diaphanous white gown, was a gorgeous woman, flaming red hair billowing about her face, and her brows wrinkled in confusion as she stared at him. His eyes snapped to her feet, and he studied her appearance from her toes up to her face, his body reacting most awkwardly.

         With a mind of its own, his groin began to swell at a rate consistent with his appraisal of the woman’s charms. The gown was rippling gently about her exquisite form; translucent, it allowed him to catch glimpses of her perfectly formed calves, thighs, hips, and even her red pubic hair. Cinched around her waist, the gown panels crossed her full breasts, revealing the darker shadows of her areoles and erect nipples.

         His biggest surprise occurred when he examined her face, however. He found himself locked into the eyes of his past. One blue eye, the other brown confirmed beyond a doubt that he was dealing with a very grown up Alicia. This had to be a dream, he thought.

         She recovered first, her face relaxing into a beautiful smile. Then he heard the voice he’d missed so long; “Alf? You’ve called the blue aura again. You’ve done it; you’ve finally crossed over. My mother told me it’d happen, once I’d told her of it when we were children,” she continued.

         Now it was his turn to be puzzled. He stepped up to her and reached out to touch this vision, not knowing what to expect. When his fingertips grazed her cheek, he felt—soft, warm flesh. It seemed real enough, although he suspected it was simply a powerful illusion.

         He opened his mouth to speak, but interrupting him she whispered, “Please Alf, now that you’ve brought us here, there’s one more thing that has to happen, and I’ve waited much too long.”

         Her hands were shaking now, and he was thoroughly confused. She pulled the ties of her gown, shrugged her shoulders, and allowed it to drift to the ground. Now standing before him nude, she performed a brief pirouette, offering him a complete view of her charms, which definitely had an effect on his composure.

         On impulse, he slipped his hand behind her head and drew her face to his. There was no resistance, as their lips met in a tentative kiss.

         That hesitance disappeared abruptly however, as this apparition of Alicia threw her arms around his neck and captured his mouth against hers. Their tongues were entangled in a dance of exploration and taste, and as much as he didn’t want this to end, his mind was frantically trying to make sense of what he’d seen, felt and heard so far during his crazy dream.

         This was the most vivid dream he’d ever had, and he was torn between trying to snap out of it and save his sanity, or to simply let it play out, and let his fantasies provide him a bit of respite from his current personal problems.

         Her soft body was warm, pressed against his. Her scent, her soft sounds of pleasure, and her beauty gave him the answer to this dilemma. He went with his instincts. Gently breaking their embrace, he reached out to touch her breasts, which were rising and falling in front of him in time with her breaths. This was the ‘make or break’ point in his vision.

         As his hands pressed into her flesh, she brought hers up to cover them, joining him in massaging her nipples, sighing deeply. Releasing his hands, she reached out and began removing his clothing. Unbuttoning his shirt, and unbuckling his belt, she soon had him down to his boxer shorts. He watched as she looked down at his erection pressing against the fabric, and a brief look of uncertainty flashed across her face.

         He could sense what she wanted, and he wanted the same, but her hesitance was puzzling. Finally, she knelt and pulled down his shorts, releasing his enraged member into her face. He watched as surprise moved her back a bit, but she soon recovered, cautiously grasping him, curiously squeezing and fondling him as though he were on exhibition. It seemed to him that her experience in the matters of lovemaking might be a little shy.

         Because her touch was driving him crazy, he felt he had to take control of their phantom tryst just to keep from ending this dream too quickly. Releasing her grip, he spread her gown to cover the leaves beneath them, lowered her onto it, and leaned her onto her back. He lowered his head and gently kissed her breasts, paying special attention to her beautiful nipples. Hearing her sigh as he paid homage to her lovely body, he moved his attentions down to the apex of her sex, now well dampened in response to her arousal.

         The earthy, sweet, musky scent was intoxicating. As he inhaled the wonderful aroma of this magnificent woman, he could only reflect on their relationship from the past, and how they’d bonded so tightly in those early years. He’d told her that he loved her then, and he realized now that he truly did.

         He should have expected it, but she still took him by surprise. His hands were on her belly, caressing the smooth warmth and softness of her body. Ripples flowed across her tummy; then he felt her thighs slam tightly against his cheeks. As she tensed through several convulsions, he kept thinking about where this dream was going. He survived, but knew where he needed to take this, and he didn’t have much release time left.

         Once released, he slid up her body to engage in a full scale assault. It still wasn’t entirely clear whose assault this was. Surely this was a dream or a nightmare at this point; there seemed to be no benefit for him in pinching himself to wake up. He NEEDED this release!

         Still, he wasn’t entirely in his comfort zone as a part of him was fading from reality, slipping into his hallucination. Despite his uncertainty, Alicia’s aura seemed to surround him with positive energy and drew him deeper into this mystery. It was HIS decision now, and she made it perfectly clear that SHE was the prize if he made the right choice.

         Sensing only token hesitance, he pressed himself into her body, encountering a surprising resistance for what he thought an illusion. As he broke through the barrier, he felt her groan under him, a giant sigh as she clasped his body closer to her.

         It seemed like forever, but they finally exploded into nearly simultaneous climaxes, clutching each other tightly. Their sexual energy exhausted, he sadly noticed that everything began to fade, his sensations with them.

         As her face faded from his sight, she smiled and said, “We are now bound body and soul; I’ll be back for you Alf.”

         The fog moved in swiftly, clouding his vision for a few moments, but he eventually found himself curiously unclothed, and standing in front of the steps leading to his apartment, alone. Not entirely, however, as Radella was still at his side, whining a bit for attention, and brushing up against his leg.

         His clothing was at his feet, and as he looked around quickly to confirm he was relatively alone, dressed hurriedly. Still, embarrassed, he slipped up the steps and into his apartment to contemplate this strange hallucination. Radella accompanied him, neither critical, nor informative.

         This day had been momentous; both in angst and now in some form of insanity, he thought. As he took care of Radella’s needs, scolding her softly for escaping earlier, it became apparent that a shower was in order. First of all, a fitting end to a long workday; and secondly, to examine a perceived dampness in his shorts.

         As if to thumb its nose at him, this strange evening presented him with positive evidence of post-coital fluids, both semen and blood, in his drawers. ‘Something’ had definitely taken place this evening, and glancing into the bathroom mirror, he observed another bit of evidence that this evening was not simply a hallucination.

         There, just above his shirt pocket, was a pin, identical to one he’d given to Alicia when they’d last met after high school. It was well worn, and its implication began to frighten him a bit.

         Smiling, he was just thinking that whenever she did come for him, hopefully there’d be a place for Radella in her world as well.

         His last thought this evening was,”I love you woman, wherever you are; just don’t take too long.”

         ’I just love his lap’, Radella purred. It was touch and go for a little while, but she’d finally mustered up the strength to fold space once again. The blue aura from the energy burst was an annoyance, but a necessary byproduct. Besides, the ‘Guardian’ had finally consummated his relationship with his chosen mate this time, so the ‘summoning spell’ had finally acquired full force. Soon, there would be two laps to choose from for her naps.

         Radella purred again as Alf’s fingers scratched her ears. “They might have no clue regarding ‘magic’ in this world, but humans always respond well to a bit of erotic titillation. After all, it was in her best interests to see that her Guardian stayed happy,” Radella mused, “and sometimes ‘magic’ was the only thing that worked.”

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