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Rated: 18+ · Critique · Detective · #1856308
Another rich dirty old man...

    Let me get this straight. John Travolta may have been involved in gay prostitution.

                                            What a shocker!

            How many times have we read this story? David Letterman likes to
            have affairs with homely women. Mel Gibson goes psycho for Russian
            models. And Sylvester Stallone likes teenage valley girls.

    Rich dirty old men looking for a little snooky is not news.
    Is prostitution a sin in Scientology? I think they call it an acquisition.
    I'd like to see Demi Moore forking out the cash for some fresh corn.

    Why-O-why do we waist so much money on erotic entertainment?
    Recently, there was a bust on a prostitution ring in downtown Portsmouth,
    New Hampshire. The cops spent a million dollars in overtime "investigating"
    the three thirty year old call girls. They got them!

                                      Who gives a rats ass?!


                Go on a date. Pay for everything.
                Ask for sex.
                Get busted for prostitution.

      I hope Mr, Travolta used a condom.
      Why not make a gay porn movie?
      It's okay to pay for sex if its a movie.

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