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When prejudice blinds the rationale...what is left behind?
The case of Trayvon Martin   has hit me harder than I would have thought, and perhaps it's because of the nature of this young man's death, or the fact that I have a nephew that is his age. I seem to look at him now in a whole new light; an inherent fear that someday such a thing might happen to him has me on edge. I can only imagine how a mother actually feels at this point in time, let alone the mother of Trayvon or his family.

What happened to Trayvon should not have taken place. What happens to many more innocent young men in this country (who will unforunately never get the national spotlight) should never take place. And yet over fifty years after the horrific case of Emmett Till  ...we still have to deal with this in the year 2012.

A sad state of affairs indeed.


*Note* Poem was written in the "The Fibonacci form (reverse as well)


Trayvon Martin

Against them
Who look "suspicious"
Courtesy of their mahogany skin
Even when he screams in fear; have mercy!
Block out the truth with the ricochet of your bullet; claiming self defense

Walk away with your freedom; your head held high fuzzy with false satisfaction
You did nothing wrong but keep to principles
Steeped knee deep in murky
Waters that swirl
With Prejudice

That mother
Who weeps for
The loss of a son
Incomprehensible, senseless violence over a sin never committed
Forever burned into memory his final words; the haunting wails, a wounded soul

In anger we rise against the blatant injustice, scream out for quick resolution
Lock him up! Throw away the keys! And
Still there will be more
Untold stories of
Such misunderstandings

We learn
That you are
Me and I am you
Nothing changes; generational hatred grows and festers onward
A never ending cycle lest mankind breaks free from those chains that hinder.


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