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Chapter One, Be sure to read the prologue.
Chapter One.

          "He's coming!" The excited loud-whisper rang through the house, followed by a chorus of "Shh!" and "Quiet! He's here!"

          "Alyx! Over here!" Eian tugs lightly on my hand, pulling me to crouch next to him, hidden behind the large leather couch. I press myself against the soft fabric to steady my breathing.

          "I'm so happy. We really put it all together!" Eian's smile was so bright, that I was surprised it didn't shine like a candle in the darkened room. He gives my hand a squeeze, and I hear him quietly catch his breath as the knob to the door turns. Simultaneously we look over to our friend, Jayy, hidden underneath the coffee table. He slowly holds up his fingers, as he mouths out a 3-2-1 countdown. On one, twenty or so people jump out, all throwing multi-colored confetti.

                    "Happy Birthday, Zac!" Came the collective shout.

The room burst back into chaotic chatter as a young, thin redhead walks from the kitchen, carrying a blue decorated cake. Eian and I hurry to stand beside his younger brother, who throws his arms around us in a joyous hug, "Oh guys, I can't believe you did this for me. Thank you!"

          We smile, and Eian gently wrestles him away. "Of course, baby brother. Any reason for some free cake works for me!" he teases.

          "Hey! Hey! Easy now, cake coming through!" The beautiful ginger girl stops and sets the delicious looking desert on the white stand-up table we had set up in preparation.

          "Kaylee! You made it!" Zac's entire face lit up as he pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply in front of everyone. Eian and I roll our eyes at one another before playfully pulling them apart. "Alright, you guys! Enough gooey nonsense, it's time to party!"

As if on cue, someone turns the stereo on full blast and a majority of the 120 people in the tiny house begin to migrate towards the designated "Dance floor"

About four and a half hours later, Zac and Kaylee lay curled together on the sofa, over stuffed on chocolate cake and party favors, and the last few guests bee line for the door. That left Eian and I in the kitchen, playing clean up.

                              "I'm so glad this all worked out," Eian smiles, tossing away plastic cups lying all around, "Did you see how happy he looked? How did you manage to get Kaylee back in town?"

          I grin up at him from my position on the floor, wiping up spilled soda. "I have my ways. Do you really think Zac was impressed?" He pulls me up to my feet, takes the washcloth from me and throws it in the clothes basket.

          "You'd have to be blind not to see that. The boy was like a kid on Christmas, come on, we can do this anytime, lets go to the lake."

          I nod in agreement and follow him to his green Chevy pick up truck.

          I love the emotions of being in Eian's truck. The soft purr of the motor. The way that nothing is ever awkward between the two of us, even in complete silence. I adored everything about him; the way he carried himself, and never let people get him down, the bright blue eyes that never missed a single detail, the inward curve of his bangs as they fell in his face. I was lost in thought when Eian suddenly slammed on his breaks, shouting an expletive, and sent me tumbling into the floor board. Terrified, I put my arms around my head, and brace myself...But nothing happened.

          "Oh my god, Alyx!" He looks down at me, worry etching his features. "Are you okay!? I'm so sorry!"

                    I climb back into the seat, staring out into the road ahead of us, the only notice- worthy thing was an incredibly frightened looking little girl standing at the edge of the pavement.

          "What happened!?" I ask

"She was in the road! I almost hit her!" Suddenly his features turn angry, and he storms out of the car, towards the little girl, "Are you insane?! You could've been killed!" He shouts as she whimpers and shrinks back away from him.

          Quickly, I jump out and pull him back, "Eian stop! Your scaring her!"

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1856415-For-You-My-DearChapter-OneUNFINISHED