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Does anyone remember the Salem Witch Trials?

        The problems in the world today could be solved by


        The Pilgrims were kicked out of Holland because of their religious intolerance.

        The first English colony in America was James Town.
        They were all Anglican and loyal to the Church of England.

        Geezes! Kirk get your facts straight.

        What did Judge Bruster Weeks say at the Salem Witch Trials?

        "This office cannot communicate justice without a righteous Godhead."
        the Judge said and condemned accused Witches to be hanged for

                            "Communing with the Devil."

          Does that sound like an Islamic extremist?

          Young Master Kirk Cameron, I worry about you and your Christian
          extremist Pilgrims. Are you conspiring to overthrow a constitutional
          government? Are you a threat to this democratic republic?
          Perhaps, you should be put on trial.

          Not so easy is it Kirk; when the buckled shoe is on the other foot?

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