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Megan meets one of her relatives on the ship.
A big storm came up that night. It was such a forceful storm and the ship rocked and Megan fell out of bed.

"Jennifer! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

"Hang on, Megan!" Jennifer got out of her bed and went to Megan and almost fell.

"Just leave me here! This ship isn't built that well to handle a storm!"

"Megan, think where we are. Back in the 1800's. They won't advance for a few years."

"I know. I am not thinking." Another blast of thunder and lightning. The ship seemed to quit rocking. Megan was able to get back in her bed.

Jennifer laughed.

"Why are you laughing? Megan asked.

"You fell out of bed! You had fallen and couldn't get up! Like that crazy commercial! I am sorry but you would laugh it would it had me!"

"Okay. You're right. I can't believe that I fell out of bed." Megan laughed.

The women went back to sleep. They woke up to calm seas.

Megan decided to wear one of her lavender dresses and Jennifer wore a blue dress. They were ready to start the day. The women walked out of their cabin. What a mess on deck! Fish all over the deck. Things smelled fishy. The crew was cleaning it up and Quentin was among them. He waved at the women. They waved back.

"I guess that was a storm and a half! Poor fish." Megan said.

"You like fish. You would have been eating one some where anyway."

"I don't eat much meat. I never eat cow anymore."

"You would be crying if some cow was on the ship because of the storm."

"Jennifer, my Dear, I would have taken him home."

The women got to the Dining Room. Bradley and Miles were already there. They rose and greeted their girls with kisses on their cheeks. People always gave them strange looks.

"It isn't like we are going to make love on the floor! These people need to lighten up!"

"Jennifer, Darling, be a lady?" Bradley reminded her.

Jennifer bowed. "Yes, your highness!"

Megan giggled. Bradley and Miles laughed.

"How was your night, my Dear?" Miles asked.

"Megan fell out of bed." Jennifer giggled.

"Were you hurt?" Miles asked.

"No just mad. Jennifer got up to help me and she fell, too." Megan smiled.

"It was quite a storm. We wished we could have been there for you." Bradley said.

"In our time, we know about storms a week in advance." Megan said.

"Wow. You two women are the best thing to happen to Miles and me."

"We are glad we met you guys, too." Megan looked at Miles as he patted her hand.

Just then a couple came up to Bradley and he shook the man's hand.

"John, I would like you to meet my best friend Miles Dawson and his wife to be Megan and my wife to be Jennifer. I would like to present John and Margaret Meadows"

Megan gasped. Her maiden name was Meadows. Their son, Arizona Charlie was a relative of Megan's. Arizona Charlie traveled with Wild Bill Cody's Wild West Show.

John shook hands with everyone. Margaret was pregnant with child and she wore a loose beige dress and she warmly took Megan's hand. She had dark hair and wasn't very tall. She wasn't beautiful but she was well groomed.

"Have we met, Dear? You look famaliar."


Megan smiled. "No, we haven't." She didn't want to explain her maiden last name.

"As you can see, I am expecting. This will be our fifth child."

"That is lovely." Megan wasn't sure what to say. She liked her and thought of her as family.

Bradley invited Margaret and John to eat with them and breakfast was served. Megan loved the bacon, eggs and pancakes.

"That is nice that you are going to marry Bradley. He is quite a gentleman and friend to John. Megan, you have a nice man as well." Margaret looked uncomfortable.

"Thanks, Mrs, Meadows. Are you alright?" Megan asked concerned.Jennifer patted Margaret's hand.

"I am due any day now. I know. I should have stayed home. There is a Doctor and Mid Wife on board so my baby will be born safely."

"That is good. If you need anything, we are here, too." Megan reassured her.

"You two are such Dears. Someday, babies will come your way."

Jennifer wasn't thinking about babies. She rolled her eyes.She and Megan just wanted go to France and get married later.

Breakfast was over and Margaret told her husband she was going to their room. Megan promised she would visit her later. John and Margaret left.

"You seem to get along great with Mrs. Meadows. Megan, you look a little like John." Bradley said. John was handsome.

"Can you keep a secret?" Megan asked.

"Of course." Bradley answered.

"My maiden name was Meadows. They are ancestors of mine. The baby she is having is Arizona Charlie.That is the name of their fifth child. He worked with Wild Bill Cody's Wild West Show. He was a grambler and a scondrel. They even made playing cards of him and there are hotels and casinos named after him."

"You are lucky to meet your ancestors. You are the most amazing and interesting woman I know. I do love you." Miles kissed Megan's cheek.

"Interesting. Margaret sure likes you. It is like she knows you are family." Bradley smiled.

"I like her. John seems nice, too." Megan looked sad.

"What is the matter?" Jennifer asked.

"Nothing. I just wish I could tell Margaret we are family but I can't."

Jennifer nodded her head. "I know but at least you get to know her back in the past. Does she have more children?"

"She is going to have more. She will have seven more."

"Yikes!" Jennifer held her stomach.

Megan laughed. Bradley laughed and so did Miles.

The couples decided to walk around the deck. There weren't anymore dead fish lying around and Megan was glad of that. The skies were all blue and the ship sailed peacefully.

"Bradley and I have a business meeting in a little while. We will see you at dinner tonight." Miles embraced Megan.

"What will you and Megan do the rest of the day?" Bradley asked.

"We will be alright. Fight some more pirates?" Jennifer said.

"Don't even joke about that, my Dear."" Bradley did love Jennifer's spirit.

The men left to go their meeting. Jennifer and Megan walked around the ship. This was getting boring.

"Megan, what else do you know about your ancestors?"

"Jennifer, it is so sad. They had twelve children. Charlie left but his family was massacred by Indians in years to come."

"How terrible! We should tell Margaret."

"I would love to but we can't change history and they would think we were crazy talking about the future. Bradley and Miles get it and get us but other people would think we were into witch craft. We might end up in jail or be hung."

"You are right. Let them enjoy their life and twelve children." Jennifer pushed her hair back.

Just then John Meadows rushed past Megan and Jennifer. "Margaret is due! I am off to get the Doctor. Could you go be with her? We are in a cabin 4C."

"That is upstairs from us. We will go be with her." Megan reassured John.

"Thanks!" John ran at top speed.

Megan and Jennifer headed towards the cabin and they found it. Megan knocked. "Come in."

Megan and Jennifer entered the cabin and Margaret looked awful. Megan took a hold of Margaret's hand and held it.

"Megan, this baby is due any minute."


Margaret moaned. "Girls, you have to help me, please."

"We don't know how to deliver babies!" Jennifer exclaimed.

"We have to help. We can do this." Megan said.

"When you need a damn Doctor, there isn't one to be had." Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"Jennifer!" Megan was trying to be calm.

Megan was at the foot of the bed. Margaret said she was going to push. Megan couldn't believe the sight of Margaret's belly and a baby was moving. Jennifer held Margaret's hand. Megan saw the head come out and gently grabbed the baby. Margaret kept pushing and there was the baby!

"It's a boy!" Megan exclaimed.

Megan handed the baby to Margaret and she smiled. "You did beautifully. He is beautiful. We will call him Charles." Margaret was tired and Megan took the baby and kissed his cheek. "I love you, cousin Charlie." Arizona Charlie had arrived. Look out Wild West!

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