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Quick draft of the intro for my EnglishExt1 Short Story. Pls share your opinion on it :)
I watched eagerly, a sense of anticipation mixed with concern covering my body like a woolly blanket. My stomach leapt as the colours flashed brightly in front of my eyes.

Yellow, Orange, Red.

It was a ballet of flame, and I was the sole audience.

Mesmerised, I gasped as the flames leapt wildly between batons, an untameable force which could only be likened to that of a lion. With a single performance, my attention had been captured. My mind awake with endless possibilities and the concept that nothing was real, although in reality, this scene had more realty than my life itself- Albeit it was too late for comparison now. I surmised my ascendency slipping with every tangible moment. The two forces had combined and the outcome was more determined than the foreordinated flow of summer to winter.

A hapless child consumed by colour, descending the stairs of consciousness. All one could do was hope for forgiveness- it was too late now. Down, down, down.

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