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Is fitness about thinness, or can fitness be preparation to weigh what you want?
The young man in her aerobics class was certainly attractive - not conventionally handsome, but appealing. Jason was broad shouldered and 6'1", but while his size suggested a great deal of power, he was overall softly rounded and chubby, including an angelic face framed by a neatly clipped beard and long hair that flopped softly as he moved. He certainly was not the usual kind of guy she saw in an aerobics class.

Most guys brave enough or determined enough to come out for aerobics were angular, leanly muscled types out for a burn, or smoothly slender guys trying to keep their weight down - either they were already in great shape, or they were working hard to get there. Jason, on the other hand, was neither angular, nor slender, and while obviously muscled, was far from lean. She'd had guys with some extra pounds join her classes, but they rapidly lost their minor amounts of pudge - unlike Jason, who never seemed to lose a pound. More puzzlingly, she frequently saw him eating a chocolate bar (!) after class.

It was nearly the end of the lesson, and as she led them through a cool down routine, Jamie couldn't help but notice how Jason's fat tummy bulged out above his spandex shorts. There was enough of it that it moved visibly and rhythmically on its own, the waves and jiggles clearly visible through Jason's underarmour shirt. She found the sight oddly alluring and unconsciously licked her lips while the class finished.

I have to have a talk with him, she decided. I have to help him figure out his diet, and get him back to on proper routine. The other guys all have this figured out, I have to know why he hasn't.

Rounding a corner after class, lost in her thoughts, Jamie walked straight into the man who was central to those thoughts. Literally. She let out an “oof” of surprise but felt his hands under her elbows, helping her maintain balance yet not supporting her.

Jason grinned at her, showing perfect white teeth. “Good thing that this big old thing was here to cushion your fall,” he joked, slapping his gut with one thick hand.

Jamie's eyes followed the ensuing ripples in his underarmour. When she realised what she was doing, she blushed and quickly looked up. “Sorry, Jason,” she apologized. “I was thinking about you actually.” She trailed off, uncertain how to continue without giving offense.

Jason saw her hesitation and laughed, then popped a piece of chocolate into his mouth. “You were thinking about me? I'm flattered. Ask away, dearest teacher.” He waited, expectantly.

“Well, um, I'm, well, concerned that you seem to be getting larger, instead of losing weight,” she said hesitantly, her voice trailing off. "Usually when guys take aerobics, they're trying to lose weight." She watched him smile at this, and relaxed.

“I'm only exercising to stay healthy - I don't want to lose weight.” Jason paused. “In fact, I'd like to be even bigger.”

Jamie gaped at this odd idea, then laughed nervously. “You... you want to be bigger? You mean in muscle, right? What routine do you follow in the weight room?”

“Oh, I have a regular routine on the weight deck to get stronger, but that’s not what I meant. I mean just bigger overall - more muscle, yes, but more flesh, more fat over that muscle too - more bulk, more size overall. I like being big - I don’t want to give up these good looks and become one of those scrawny ‘hardbody’ guys.”

Jamie , amazed at his openness about a desire to be fat, laughed nervously. “I’ve never met anyone who said that before. Why don’t you want to be fit?”

“Oh, I do want to be fit - I AM pretty fit. But I don’t want to be small and skinny. I don’t need to be skinny to be fit, do I?”

No, Jamie thought to herself, Jason, you do not. You look delicious as you are. I wonder what it would be like with a fat guy? Not wanting to be so blunt, she said out loud, “No, you don’t need to be skinny to be fit - lots of skinny people are unfit!” Jamie hesitated. Her desire to get to know this big - ok, fat - but handsome man better was strong - but was she being too forward? She decided to plunge onwards.

“Well, then, if you’re not trying to lose weight, would you like to join me for dinner tonight at seven?” She took a deeper breath and continued, daringly. “At the all-you-can-eat buffet - Glenn's - three blocks south of here?”

Jason looked her up and down appraisingly. A light glinted in his eye. “I would be delighted,” he replied gently, in a more seductive tone. “Casual or dressy?”

“Definitely casual - and loose,” she blushed deeply. “Need to get our money's worth out of it!”

Jason laughed and waved her off, grinning as he went to get changed.

As he changed, he reflected back on some of his first fat experiences, wondering at his small size then.

At Ten:
Reaching into his Halloween bag and eating every single piece of chocolate had made him awfully sick. But even at this young age he found himself more attractive than he could ever remember.

At Thirteen:
Now chubby, Jason's growing belly was starting to try to make him slow down, jiggling and bouncing erotically with each step. The first day of school, he slid into his desk and felt his belly press up against the desk - a first!

At Eighteen:
Now obviously and unarguably fat, Jason jiggled around the dance floor at his prom, his date popping chocolates into his mouth and squeezing his large love handles, smiling with glee every time he swallowed.

After the dance was over she made him go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and had him gorge until he couldn't even move - three people had to help him out. In the limo, she fell on him and gave him his first sex.

He could still remember it to this day - he lay on his back, stuffed fat belly jiggling under her. He tried to flip over on top and barely made it. He stiffened further at her moans of pleasure when his belly rolled onto her.
His arms started to give out after only two minutes, then he had to lie under her again, her frenzied moans and experienced hands making him grunt. “Oh you fat piggy,” she had purred. “You're so fat you can't be on top!”

He remembered how he had been unable to hold back, shooting into her and yelling with pleasure. “Oh damn,” he had moaned, “I am FAT.”

He came out from the changing room, noting as he did that he certainly wasn’t going to wear these jeans to the buffet - they were tight! They did, however, show off his burgeoning belly and bulging butt beautifully, which is why he wore them to go to the gym - no chance anyone was going to confuse him with one of the leanbodies. Pausing by the entrance, he pulled out a Snickers - his favourite “energy bar” - and started to eat. An incoming client - one of those lean (“scrawny,” Jason corrected himself) and hungry looking guys noticed him, and scowled at him, while his eyes looked envious.

Turning left out of the gym, he swung along easily through the shopping mall, thinking about his date tonight and wondering what to wear. Fleece would be the easy choice for a buffet, but it didn’t seem right for a first date - just too relaxed. His favourite chinos, while not as tight as these jeans, were definitely in the snug category - great for showing off his belly, not so good for filling it. As he sauntered past his favourite clothing store - “Big Agency” - he noticed the answer to his pondering - rugby pants! Their chino material looked dressy enough to pass as good casual, but their waists not only have drawstrings, but are elastic to boot, so they’d easily adapt to a ‘big meal’. And if Big Agency had them, then they must come in his size - or even a size or two up, Jason thought to himself. “After all, I’m still a growing boy!” he said out loud to himself, as he entered the store.

Coming out of Big Agency with a new pair of size 52 rugby pants in hand, Jason felt good! His jeans were a size 44 - very snug across his hips and below his gut, so he’d known he’d have to have go up to a 46 at least in new pants. The salesman, a fellow big guy who knew Jason well, had suggested trying on a 48 “at the minimum”. Jason did, and the 48s certainly were comfortable, but they didn’t have the fit Jason thought should go with ‘casual and loose’ - they were still a bit too snug under the gut, and even, surprisingly, across the thighs. “Do these run tight?” Jason asked the salesman.

“Well, looking at those on you I’d say they do,” the sales guy replied. “We’ve only just got them in. But too snug shouldn’t be a problem - the boss ordered them in a huge range of sizes. We’ve got them up to a 72!”


Jason met Jamie at the door of the buffet. Wearing his new rugby pants, and a new, more generous polo shirt to go with it, Jason knew he was “dressed to eat” - and judging by Jamie’s enthusiastic reception, she thought so too.

"Jason, looking good," Jamie purred as she rubbed a hand across his middle expanse. "Very preppy," she added, then tugged playfully at the elasticized waistband of the rugby pants. "And very loose!" At that moment, a server appeared to guide them to their table. Jason led the way, making sure to put a bit of strut in his walk, in hopes Jamie would notice as his generous butt worked inside the new pants.

And as he felt her hand on his tush, Jason realised his ploy was working. "You are big down here," Jamie remarked, and Jason replied, unabashed, "It takes a big, powerful ass to haul the rest of me around!"

"Quite muscular here too," she continued, negligently letting her hand slip down his hefty thigh.

"That's one of the reasons I go to the gym - between the weight deck and your aerobics class, I keep my bottom half big and strong," Jason remarked, "the better to keep all of me in motion! Oh, and to keep my pants filled out too."

"I can see the bulge of your calf muscle as well," Jamie remarked.

"Teacher dear, you see my massive calves in every class," Jason replied, slightly mocking. "Don't tell you haven't noticed how big they are?"

"No, Jason, but before today I just never admitted how attractive they are - or how attractive the whole package above them is," Jamie replied, flirting.

"Ladies first," Jason then said, pulling out a chair for Jamie.

"And a gentleman too!" she laughingly replied.

"At my size, I can afford to be courteous," he replied in turn, "especially to lovely ladies."

"Drinks?" the waiter asked, as the two were seated. "And then the buffet?"

"Draft for me," Jason replied, "and then the buffet of course. Jamie?"

"Diet cola for me," Jamie replied.

The two then headed for the steam tables, where Jason loaded two plates, and Jamie, following behind, did the same - only most of what on her two plates wasn't intended for her...

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