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If that potato head Bill O'Reily can write about Lincoln.
    Bill O'Reily was born. That in itself should be an argument for planed parenthood.
    Nothing that Bill O'Reily has done can be called historic. Perhaps this is why
    he has a show on the Fox tabloid news...


    I wrote that in caps to make it look like I'm shouting, like that loud mouth
    Bill O'Reily... Let's take a moment to ponder why assassination is so
    common in this country of America. Hmmmm. Could it be the easy access to
    guns? Imagine this: armor piercing bullets; 50/50 caliber in a cannon of a rifle
    that has to be mounted on a tripod to fire. Now you wouldn't want John Q public
    having one of those. Oh-yes they do at the NRA.

    How about a bazooka? Nah, that's military only... right? Nope.
    You can buy grenade launching .. ehm... rifles online.
    We here in America have a standing militia of one million .. deer hunters.
    Yes. You can buy a bazooka to hunt deer. There wont be much deer to eat
    afterwords, but it's a good lesson for the kids.

    At the risk of being shot, I will say that no armored limo or helicopter is safe
    from the American militia of .. deer hunters. Hell, there's a guy up here-ya
    who owns a Sherman tank and he fires the cannon at tractor pulls.
    Why not? If he is a law abiding citizen, he should have the right to own a
    Sherman tank.. or F4 fighter jet.

    This,then, is American history 101. If you want to get things done shoot the bastards!
    You can call it a Manifest Destiny or maybe your hunting dog told you to do it.


    Who dropped the atomic bomb? NAZIs? Nope... Commies!.. Ah-no..
    Harry S. Truman ordered the targeting of Japanese cities: Hiroshima and
    Nagasaki, because "The Japs wont quit." Isn't that genocidal?
    But, I digress .. Lincoln was shot by Booth and JFK was shot by Oswell.
    Both assassins were U.S. citizens and private gun owners. And isn't that what
    the founding fathers wanted a well armed militia? Ah-no....The founding fathers
    wanted an army and navy to fight the British with. The French assisted in the
    naval swash buckling. George Washington had to fight with deer hunters
    against the most highly trained army in the world. The Colonial Minute Men won
    by fighting dirty. They shot from behind stone walls and out of windows.
    They didn't all have uniforms. It was like a British Vietnam.
    But, let's get to the meat of the code of the west in God's country.
    In Tomb Stone, Sheriff Wyatt Earp outlawed side arms in the town.
    This cut down on the cemetery population. Also, the Sheriff and his
    deputies didn't have to worry about some drunk cowpoke shooting them
    the back.

    The code of assassination is to get a gun. Why did Jack Ruby shoot Oswell?
    Jack Ruby owned a bar that the KKK folks in Dallas liked to hang out in.
    Jack Ruby did not like JFK and his Civil Rights Progressive Agenda.
    Jack Ruby was not stopped by the Dallas police, when he walked up
    to Oswell and shot him point blank in the chest with a gun he had a permit for.
    Coincidentally, Booth was not stopped by Lincoln's guards...
    Sounds like the South is a dangerous place for Yankees.


    He's a putz with a big fat mouth and he wants to sound smarrrt.
    By another coincidence, neither John Wilkes Booth or Lee Harvey Oswell
    made it to trial. They both were shot dead with legally owned guns.

    Nevertheless, I love to watch Bill's loud mouth show.
    Let's go have a pizza Bill and don't shout at me.
    I'm sensitive.

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