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Jay deals with his sleepwalking.
Once this courteous chap named Jay
started walking in his sleep;
he wandered ‘round the house at night
though REM was deep.

Someone informed him cinnamon
would end such active repose;
yet all he got the next morning
were feet a shade of rose.

This started to affect his job,
and he got indigestion;
he put on the bulletin board
plea for a suggestion.

(And he made sure he put, “Thank You,”
  right there within his notice;
  someone suggested alcohol--
  that was good old Otis.)

But Jay would never raise his voice
or ever think of swearing;
but as somnambulism reigned,
his night walks were wearing.

Someone installed a camera
in the corner of his hall;
but when they sat to watch the tape,
it was no help at all.

So Jay began to knit at night
and he even bought a sledge;
he thought that working with his hands
would form a sleep-walk wedge.

A friend at work suggested he
get new sleepwear for himself;
the thinking was that Jay could then
sleep still for better health.

Yet he walked in his pajamas,
and he kicked a ball of yarn;
but when he kicked the sledge hammer,
he woke up with a darn.

REM stands for “Rapid Eye Movement,” which is a stage of sleep.
Somnambulism is a fancy word for sleep walking.

Required words: cinnamon, bulletin board, camera, pajamas, ball of yarn, sledge hammer

[SR: 8-7-8-6] (Lines: 36)

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