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The extensive use of the color red in brand logos
I must confess that I got the idea of writing this article from a blog written by Diptee Deshmukh of Chlorophyll Brand and Communication Consultancy. The blog tries to evaluate a trend where it describes how most of the brands in the global arena use red as a primary color to design their logos. The trend is obviously exists and no one can deny it. Be it the hoardings or advertisements in the magazines, red colored brands are all around us. It might be an organization like Coca Cola, who has already developed a cult around the brand or it might be a networking channel in the form of CNN or ESPN. All has made themselves as red as possible!

Now, what is it all about? People will say that being a color with the shortest wavelength Red has the ability to attract more attention from the public. And that explains the trend!

But me being a person, who tends to see more into things, is certainly not satisfied with such a flat justification. Now, common!! It cannot be the only reason which prompted thousands of brands around us to use it for their logos. Well, as I have mentioned in one of my earlier articles (I can’t recall which one was it) brand logos or the entire brand image (which comprises of the logo and the tag line and the associated message built around the brand) of a company is the shortest and the more direct way of communicating to the customers. With so many players in the market, it is easy for brands to feel insecure thereby choosing a more attention seeking color in their logos. But again do you really think Vodafone is insecure? Do you think Honda will just persist with a color only to get enough attention? The likes of Toshiba or Toyota do they really feel so much lost that they need to carry on with Red? Well as I said, I see something more into this.

Look, red is a color you associate your passions with. Passions like love, lust, rage or any thing which pumps the adrenaline. For that reason, it is not only the corporate brands, but also the political parties like the Nazis used this color or the Communists even do now. Red is a color which triggers and stimulates the imagination of the mass. How many country flags will you see which do not have the color red? Red inspires association also. Be it flags or the jersey of football teams, red is being followed by fans like anything.  It is a cultural aspect of most of the societies which associates some kind of obsession with this color. No doubt it had been the most popular color in case of branding also.

There is a deep connection between the social values and how the companies design their brands. It is ultimately a symbol which will represent their statement to the mass. Brands with red color logos try to build that association by triggering the passion among the consumers. It is a direct attempt to activate the Red Alarm in the minds of the consumers, thereby creating a chance to build an association with them. It is a mutual understanding that the companies and the consumers have, as both the parties have that kind of addiction towards this color. It might be that you favorite color is blue, mauve, lemon yellow or even white; but when it comes to our consumption appetite we cannot just avoid running after that red apple.

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