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Rated: E · Other · Fantasy · #1857761
A Warrior's thoughts and feelings on battle.

The screams of the dying. Horrendous wounds gaping and life seeping out far too quickly.  Bloodshed and the smell of death so fierce upon the air that it can be tasted upon one’s tongue.  Clashing of swords, knives, armaments and weapons unknown, raging and exploding in waves unrelenting. 

The very thought of the stepping up and into this cacophony conjures up past hurts, scenes seared into this one’s mind, haunting the soul and forever remembered. 

It has been known since well before the drawing of words, that the increasing pulse of battle-drums beaten resound as an inescapable call to action within the hearts of only the fiercest fighters.

It matters not upon which side they choose to fight. Defending the truth as perceived by each one of these 'fire-hardened' veterans, is a Warrior's entire reason to live, or to die.

Stirring the blood and demanding immediate action, the drums cause this one to act, not react, to pull deeply from within the space reserved for that most primal level of being.  That unrelenting call to enter the fray rings as clear as a crystal bell and is heard only by those who have the will and the courage listen.

This one is proud to be one of those very few who have survived and who into this moment bring within their truest self the ancient darkening credo of the Freelancer's Blood-Rune.  Covenants carved into the souls and borne only by those brave enough to put foot onto the path of the Warrior’s Creed.

It is a given that in the heat of battle, one small mistake, the tiniest error in judgment of an opponent’s skill and who you are is no more.  Many are those who will answer the clarions of battle and so few the number who return unscathed.

For the uninitiated, there are many things that can be learned only through the acquisition of skills gained and knowledge enacted within the realm of the battlefield.  It is truly an 'art of dire need' that will be fulfilled if and when one dares to enter the arena of war.

One truth will out, that even in the smallest skirmish between two opponents, you will find that this warring is not a game and it holds those who fight to a threshold of reality that most cannot bear to embrace.  This unwritten law is especially true for those who are weak of spirit and who would seek a peaceful resolution of conflict.

Never will the battle joined and be found impersonal.  For when it is you that must needs stand at the ready for your kith and kin; for what you believe is the true balance of all things, you will fight.

Do not ever doubt this.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1857761