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A man discovers the fantasy illusion of being a lawyer.
As early as John Spencer could remember, he was attracted to the prestige and money that being a lawyer would bring. He had watched shows like Law and Order and John imagined being in the court room with all of the drama and suspense. In his mind, everything was just like the situations he got from television and novels. He had great support from his family and friends as well. In the Fall of 2012, he graduated from high school as valedictorian and was accepted into one of the most respectable colleges in the U.S. From the start he exceled and after four years he was admitted to a primer graduate college. After four more years he was at the graduation ceremony that would declare him a full-fledged lawyer.

“Alright John! Way to go!” his friend Larry yelled as John walked onto the stage to accept his diploma.

“Congratulations Mr. Spencer. Like I told all the other students , your whole life is ahead of you,”said the college administrator as he handed John his diploma. He felt proud and exuberant as he walked with an esteemed stature and had a coy look in his eyes.

John stepped off the platform and joined his party of friends and relatives. “Oh, I’m so proud of you! All your teachers said you would succeed in life and now look at you,” his short blond haired mom said with tears in her eyes as he gave him a hug. His extended family was huddled around him shaking hands on by one and patting on the back.

His father Ron was next to give him condolences “Son, you’re outstanding. I always knew be something great. Honestly, I couldn’t do what you’ve done,” his father said with humility. “Lets’ go to a classy restaurant and celebrate. Any place you want to go.”

“How about Lawry’s” said John.

“Okay; sounds good. Let’s go!” said Ron ecstatically

After they celebrated with much elation it was time to part company with everyone. His parents gave final congratulations and went to their own home while Larry, along with other friends and family bade the star of the night. John departed and returned to his apartment and slept very well.

So it was that after seven months he got his first case. It was held for a petty crime; simply one man stealing fifty dollars out of a register. John was the prosecutor and the hearing ended quickly with the man being found guilty. Despite winning the case, John was let down. He didn’t want any rinky dink cases like this. He wanted to take part I a significant case. He felt guilty and inhumane about wanting a murder trial. Then after two years it finally happened. A felon had held up a bank and had shot some of the hostages. He was eventually apprehended and jailed. John was approached by the court commissioner who offered him the job as prosecutor I the case.

“Mr. Spencer, I’ve been watching you handle simple tasks I court and you’ve never lost a case . This felon is the son of a wealthy industrialist and he has hired the most respected heavy case in the state of New York. His name is Simon Trent.”

“If this guy was rich why did he hold up the bank?” said John

“His parents cut off his funds because he was unruly and irresponsible with it. Mr. Trent is arguing that the defendant has develop a dependency on money and was suddenly stripped of his wealth and that this dependency drove him to rob the bank.”

“Okay. I’ll take it.” John said.

“The trial begins in two weeks. Good luck,”said the commissioner

The day came quickly and John was nervous as he entered the court room

This is not what I thought it was cracked up to be. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable. This is my first time in a heavy case and this Trent guy has experience. I overheard the judge talking to him. The state is seeking the death penalty. Oh, even if I win, I’ll have this man’s blood on my hands. He may deserve it but still. He thought.

The court rose up as the judge entered. John looked over at his adversary, Simon Trent. His look was crafty and confidant. The hearing lasted three hours and John was relieved to exit the court room and to his Mercedes in the parking lot. When he reached his apartment he went to his bed to sleep away the anxious thoughts that were all too over whelming.

My perfect reputation is on the line; that man’s life is on the line. This could make or break me. What if Simon Trent is as good as people say he is. What’s’ worse is that this trial is going to be aired. I can’t fail in the eyes of the whole country! What if I can’t focus and come up with feasible arguments. He wrestled with his thoughts all night and got no sleep.

The next day Simon Trent gave a speech feeding off the sympathy of the jury.

When John rose up he gave a logical account of the robbery and murders. The trial went back and forth with both lawyers giving outstanding orations. The trial was reaching an end and John had the overhand. In the end the felon was found guilty and was later sentenced to death.

John looked the man in the eyes and was overcome with his anger and anguish. They were cold; unrepentant; filled with malice and a lust for revenge.

Two bailiffs took him by the arms. Then suddenly the man appeared to have tripped and fallen. As soon as one of them went to pick him up, the culprit quickly took his gun and fired at John. The last thing he saw and heard were the devious countenance of the crook as he laughed with satisfaction.

Word Count; 989

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