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Rated: E · Fiction · Family · #185807
She sees the holidays a bit differently than you do
"Money Isn't Everything?"

I'm hungry
We had nothing to eat last night.
Mom had to send us to bed
with only a smile and a hug,
before she turned away,
trying to hide a tear.

I'm hungry
because the place where we go
for our meals
didn't get enough donations
so they had to turn us away.

I know
Mommy tried hard,
but baby sister is still sad
because she won't get her dolly.
Not for her birthday last month,
and not for Christmas this year.

Sister's crying
because the place where we go
for Christmas presents
was robbed last week,
so they had to turn us away.

Dad hasn't been here for a long time.
When he was, we were sent to bed
with tears and bruises,
no hugs,
no kisses,
no smiles.

Brother is always mad,
so he does what Dad did.
He thinks it's ok
to hurt us
--it's all he knows.

The bell-ringer
by the red bucket at Christmas
gives me a warm smile.
Makes me wish I had money to give
for people whose lives
are sadder than mine.

But mostly what I wish for
when I go to bed and pray
is the money that could make
my mommy stop crying
all the time.

Starr Rathburn
November 19, 2001

This is a work of fiction, written after reading an article in the newspaper at Christmas-time.

May the Blessings of Christmas remind us all of how lucky we really are!

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poetry from the shadows of "My Midnight Heart.

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