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by Kimona
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This poem is dedicated to my beloved cat,Sandy,who passed away in 2010.

  On September 28,7:30 pm,I lost my baby

  From my loving arms her soul flew away

  Heart full of grief I felt like going crazy

  Without her there's no shelter for me to stay

  How can I go on without her?

  Some people tell me to just move on

  To get over it,that it's no big deal

  How can they understand that my soulmate is gone

  They obviously don't know how I feel

  Over losing my precious baby girl

  How do you survive when a part of you has died?

  How do you move on with this kind of loss?

  When your soulmate was constantly by your side

  Who loved you no matter what the cost

  How do you survive that?

  Whenever I walk into the room I think she's there

  Sitting in her spot and staring at me

  We were the perfect pair

  Without her my heart forever bleeds
  She was the perfect cat

  My mind says I'll be okay but my heart disagrees

  Every night my tears fall like rain

  Not having my baby girl sleeping beside me

  How can I survive this kind of pain?

  How do I move on without my baby girl?


  She was my baby,the light of my soul

  Without her presence my soul feels like it's dying

  Deep within my wounded heart is a very large hole

  That tells me I'll be forever crying

Over losing my baby girl

  I loved her more than life itself

  I will forever be grateful that she chose me

  To be her mommy,no one else

  She made me feel so loved and happy

  She was my precious baby girl

  And forever will be

  Dedicated to the loving memory of my precious Sandy who passed away On September 28,7:30 pm,2010. I love and miss you so much my precious baby girl.......Always and forever!
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