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Watching the playoff push by the San Jose Sharks has me thinking this - a sports poem.
Oftentimes, the sports world,
Particularly at professional levels,
Stresses, and even outright demands,
Focus and determination
And leaving everything on the field of play;
Coaches, players, and fans are often heard exclaiming,
“Give it 110 percent!” or some higher cumulative figure of resolve.

But rather than comment on concentration,
Effort, preparation, and aggressiveness,
I prefer to note one alarming and potent deficiency
In today’s often methodical and analytical approaches: 
The need for energy…

This fundamental principle serves as the identity
Of championship-caliber teams:
Bringing enthusiasm and confidence to arenas
And ballparks, then making a push to victory
Through appropriate adjustments,
Will likely determine the game’s newest and greatest heroes…

Above all, I want to teach vision
To go along with that energy and will –
Seeing the game with an all-powerful and all-knowing vision
Allows one to execute and make adjustments
At a higher level than one’s opponents,
Thereby achieving glory and greatness
At unprecedented levels. 

These four cornerstones of energy –
Vision, confidence, enthusiasm, and adjustments –
Will make any player or team a top-notch contender,
In this constantly changing,
Mental grind of a future
We must now face.

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