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I asked nicely
At the start of my inception
I was always doing things that
Most people liked to show rejection
I liked the take them on, even though they kept me up at night
I could feel my heartbeat even before I knew what that part was
And I could feel everything before a mother would ever admit
Her child does
But it doesn't make me better, it doesn't make me pure
It sometimes causes me trouble, close my heart and close myself
But I have been enveloped even before I fully developed
Caressed by the bright light of heaven
And knew about the fires in hell

I grew up quickly and slowly, by body before my mind
Wants and desires stopped me, they made my x-ray vision blind
I reached out into the cold for any touch I could feel
Looking for a man to take me in his car to his home and heal
I would go away forever, never to return
Nothing inside would smoulder, nothing in me would burn
I'd get my wings back and be and angel and never hurt again
No one skips that far ahead without the nod from a grown man
I let that define me, fell apart more quickly
Like a psychic nervous breakdown

Call somebody I'm referring to myself in the third person
Tell somebody my symptoms are starting to worsen
Put me on a table and bound me with a gag
Take my screams and stuff them back into my bag
Play a little music, maybe turn out a light
Put your hands on my back and touch me so I can sleep well at night
Where you walk is why you talk the things you do when we're alone
Where you go is the reason why you don't say those words
When we're ever talking on the phone

Fucking tease
Pay for it later
Have my way
Do what I want with her

Oh let me
You get me
Please let me
I'll be good to you

I know that you suffer, that you are damaged too
And I will stand on the outside of the crime scene
And wait patiently for you
You will come out with the smell of metal on your skin
And I will sink into you like it always should have been
Why we didn't look around ourselves before and find the help
Both of us don't know
I will wait on my knees for something to grow
To swell in size and then need to be swallowed whole
Whisper in my ear mischievously
Hold your hand around my neck
I answer you with my eyes wide open, trying to catch my breath
Lips part and no heart could ever stay sealed as my warmth sinks inside
All the cold and pessimistic phrases suddenly case aside

Put your fingers on my neck
Press inward so I feel dizzy then
Let me breathe again
Oh let me
Please let me
Listen to me, I'm asking
For your permission when
I see the smile at the fear inside my eyes
Blank but there's such a storm deep inside
Oh let me
Please let me.
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