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0h the places that I can go when I close my eyes. Winter white so soft and light.
My seeds of Joy

0h the places that I can go when I close my eyes
Winter white so soft and light
Trees that sparkle in the night as I skate on a blade as thin as ice
So hard it can be at times to put feelings into words that can aptly express the emotion
I'm not sure that there are words that we humans have learned that can convey the depth of our hearts
How do you describe a seed of joy so full and heavy that it burns
A joy so deep that you have to close your eyes to fully feel it
A joy so beautiful that an ocean full of tears still would not compare
A joy so big that you wish you could pass it along through your very fingertips like a white ray of light extending from your hands
That ray of light containing the very joy that you feel inside placed on someone else so that they may experience it also
If it were so, we could all be joy givers
If I could be a joy giver
I would fill your hearts so full they would have to pour over to others
And a beautiful world we would create
A world we are creating right now
Joy for my daughter and joy for my son
Joy for my husband and joy for my neighbor
From 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64 and down to the core
Could I touch that many more…from one seed of joy.
But then again isn't that what words are for?
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