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Does Glen Beck hate people of color?

        To understand Glen Beck you must first understand Mormonism.
    The founder of The Church of Mormon is John Smith. If you read his
    diary you will see that he approved of slavery and believed the African
    slave was cursed by God. Following church elders echo this racist theme.
    It is, therefore, no surprise that Glen Beck's web site displays a racist
    view of African Americans. The Blaze video of two African American women
    street fighting in Florida has no NEWS value other than to
    satiate Glen Beck's racist views. Why not show WWF?

          But, this is amusing Jerry Springer shlock. And sprinkled amongst
    Beck's paranoia are some interesting conspiracy theories, like the Pilgrims
    are the founders of American Democracy. Doth thou remember the Salem
    Witch trials? I recently had a fortune cookie that told me to make new friends.
    Is this the work of demonology? If Glen Beck thinks Islamic Law is too strict
    how doth he feel about the Pilgrim tithes to the fellowship? No X-Mass trees
    in Plymouth!

        Then, there's Dr Alan Sabrosky, who was featured in a Blaze story.
    "Israeli security was used at the Twin Towers." Dr. Alan says on the Muslim
    website www.presstv.ir. He went on to say that a white van with explosives in
    in it was stopped by police, trying to exit New York through the Jersey tolls on
    9/11. The van was driven by Israelis. I thought Glen was pro Israel?
    I'm sure he can connect this to George Soros somehow. Mr. Soros is evil, because
    he's a socialist. And we all know that wealthy robber baron Republicans are
    the working class heroes... on the Blaze. All of witch, ties into the Mormon
    worship of money. John Smith believed that his religion was about making his
    followers rich, starting with John Smith.

          And what were those tablets John Smith found made out of?


  I think we all know how much piggy wiggy Beck loves gold.
  You know your a red neck when... you move to Dallas and make racist
  remarks and videos on your Tea Party He-Haw show.

  I'm just saying, Glen
  your playing with a burning cross.+




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