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Infinite Piercing, the best place on South Street.
Infinite: The Best Piercing Joint in Town

“It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate son,” John Fogerty’s voice comes blaring out of the speaker as I sit on the black leather table waiting to get pierced. It is relaxing; people would think of me as crazy knowing I find Fogerty’s voice soothing, but most would find me brave sitting upon this table waiting for the needle to go through my ear.

I found Infinite Body Piercing shop in May 2011 after searching for APP (Association for Professional Piercers) piercing parlors after the debacle of getting my nose pierced in a non-APP environment in 2010 (my friend used to be an APP Piercer and pierced me in 2009, hence why I usually go for artists that were trained). Infinite is located at 626 S. Fourth Street and is one of the best piercing parlors in Philadelphia. Infinite Body Piercing opened in February of 1995, and became Philadelphia's first (and only) shop devoted exclusively to body piercing. Experienced and following the golden rules of the APP, the employees are both fun and professional.

Infinite opens at noon every day and I arrive there five minutes after opening time. Opening the door, it’s still locked and a guy with tattooed sleeves, thick gauged ears, a beard and glasses opens the door for me. Greeted by others inked in tattoos, pierced with multiple piercings, some might be intimidated by their looks. For me, I love the look and always have.

“May I help you,” a blonde haired girl asks as she directs me toward the counter that houses the body jewelry.

“Yeah, I’d like a rook piercing,” I reply quietly that I have to repeat myself.

“I need to see your ID.” I dig my wallet out of my purse and hand her my ID. She begins to make a copy and I am handed a form I must sign before I get pierced.

As I finish signing the form, I nervously say and then ask, “I run a travel blog. I’m going to write about my trip and review Infinite. Can someone get my picture while I get pierced?”

She smiles, “Of course!” Then she tells me that Kyle, the one who opened the door for me, is going to be my piercer.

Kyle walks up to me and introduces himself. It is nice to meet the kindly gentleman that opened and greeted me. The kindly woman who obliged my request for photographs tells Kyle pictures will be taken. A smile lights up his face. “Awesome! I’m glad I got dressed up nice and brushed my hair today!”

I am lead, with camera in hand, to the second room on my left. I am told I will be cleaned up first and then they will get the pictures. As soon as we are in the room, I peel off my coat from the “we are supposed to have rain today, but it’s not rainy and it’s hot unlike the cold we said it was going to be” weather. Before I sit down on the table, Kyle has his iPod in hand and asks me what I want to listen to. I’m speechless, such a question to ask to the music enthusiast. I finally reply, “I am cool with anything—“ but before I can finish, he picks something.

“And when they play hail to the chief,” the lyric and the awesome riff catches my attention. “I love this song! I haven’t heard it in ages,” I exclaim to Kyle as my head is tilted and he draws on my ear where the rook piercing will go.

Positioning my head back to normal, I look at myself in the mirror. Where the blue dot was placed looks perfect. “This is perfect,” I say with a smile; I can’t contain my excitement. I sit back down and am told to breathe in and exhale through my nose. I am used to this mantra that it is second nature to me.

“You’re a warhorse. You were so easy to pierce. Others flinch and squirm,” Kyle tells me when the rook is placed in my snuggly in my ear. I smile and say, “it didn’t hurt at all” and it didn’t—I only felt the little pin prick (much like giving blood) and some pressure, then it was all done.

If you’re in Philadelphia and want to get pierced, go to Infinite! As the reviewer above stated, Infinite is very clean—Kyle showed me the bio waste receptacle where all the instruments used go into after the piercing is done—and the atmosphere is very relaxed. The counter staff are friendly and very knowledgeable and the piercers really care about their customers. They give great advice on what to get done, show you how to care for the piercing and other precautions or information you need to know. I have never had a bad experience at Infinite and all my piercings never became infected—they know what they are talking about!

Cleanliness *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub*

Friendliness *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub*

Helpful *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub*

Piercing Price $$$

Jewelry Price $$

Overall Price $$

*SuitClub* = bad *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub* *SuitClub* = Excellent $= cheap $$$$$= expensive
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