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Describing the four letter word, every human being is afraid of.
Falling in the love is one of the best moments a human can feel in their life time. It replaces doubt, with a feeling of hope. It replaces loneliness, with a feeling of being whole. Love, is something greater than people make it out to be. Most people hate love, they despise it. In fact, they try to figure out ways of getting away from it. But love isn't meant to hurt you, even if you've gotten hurt because of it. The hurt happens, to show you that there's other people out there to love you. And to show you that love is meant to make you smile, not to cry. Love is meant to hold you closely with warmth, not throw you out in the cold. And the thing is, if we didn't have the hurt, then we wouldn't enjoy the love. So, even if you've been hurt. Don't run away from love. Take a deep breath, take a step back from life, close your eyes, and remember that love is everywhere you look. You just have to look in all the wrong places.
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