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An ode to the moon. APAD winner 4/2/12. Also APAD Winner of the Week.
Oh come to me, my love,
sweet mistress of the night.
Instead of dancing ‘mong the stars,
come and frolic in my light.

Return to me, my princess
for I long to see your face -
though you keep your back towards me
and elude my warm embrace.

Don’t cry, my evening beauty
and scatter tears across the sky.
Though beautiful the stars may be,
I hate what they imply.

Oh come, my bella luna -
for you only do I moan,
though the beauty you seduce me with
is but a reflection of my own.

Oh come, forbidden love.
Why were we meant to bear such pain?

For I can naught but love you
though these feelings are in vain.

Let’s run away, my lovely -
leave this endless chase tonight,
though earth’s gravity may falter,
and we may leave her without light.

Hold on, my sweet Selene.
We’ll soon cross this great expanse
so we may come together
and be joined in lovers’ dance.

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