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Where did the sperm come from?

        In eschatology there is the incubus; a ghost that can impregnate women.
    Genetic science teaches that a Virgin Birth is not only possible, but common.
    Roy J Harris, Jr. explains in his article; "The Birds and Bees Can't Explain the
    Birth of Turkeys" in the Wall Street Journal in July, 1973:

            "In parthenogenesis, an outside agent, possibly a virus, apparently
            triggers duplication of the mother's set of chromosomes.
            This, in turn, touches off embryonic development."

    In Utopian Motherhood: New Trends in Human reproduction;
    Robert T Francoeur states:

            "Virgin births occur as often as twins and twice as often as identical
            twins among white Americans meaning that in one case in ten thousand
            births, the egg might have divided of their own accord, without any contact
            with spermatozoa."

    But, such offspring can only be female, since the male genetic code is lacking.
    Could Jesus have been female? The geneticist would say yes.

    Pope Pius IX declared in 1854 that Mary herself had been the product of an
    Immaculate Conception.

    Francisco Suarez explained this Cannon law in his thesis "The Immaculate
    Conception; The Dignity and Virginity of the Mother of God, 1856."

              "The Blessed Virgin in conceiving a son neither lost her virginity nor
              experienced any venereal pleasure.... it did not befit the Holy Spirit
              without any cause or utility to produce such an effect, or to excite any
              unbecoming movement of passion.... On the contrary the effect of his
              overshadowing is to quench the fire of original sin."

    "The parts of shame." Francisco refers to are what in the earl Catholic German
    Church; a debate that Christ was born Cesarean avoiding the "the parts of
    shame." Original Sin was believed to be sexually transmitted.

    Happy Easter!

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