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by Mage
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Based on a Flash Fiction Prompt
I lay looking up through the branches from my perch in the trees, listening to the birds, the breeze rustling through leaves, and in the next a tearing wind swirled, carrying me aloft into the air.

I struggled to utter a spell while the wind tore my breath away. I was flung into suddenly grey clouds up a funnel of blinding winds. I wanted to scream as the swirling maelstrom carried me from the forest through a sky gone nearly black.

I sped toward the distant mountains. The last place I wanted to be. The torrent dropped me toward the spires, jagged rocks near a tumbled down castle.

An angry red dragon roared in words I desperately did not want to hear. “What’s this?!”

“Oh, uh, that…” I said.

“No, excuses! What have you done to Camelot?”

“Well, it looked awful… I’d worked on it for nearly week – and a black castle? Yuck!”

“Merlin, fix it!”

I glanced at the rubble. “Do I have to?”

“Merlin!” She glared.

“Yes, Mama,” I sang out, gestured. The castle rebuilt stone by stone. Yet this time turned white as sun beams shot through the now dissipating storm clouds.

"Better, much better... Now get to seeing it has its rightful king."

"Um, how am I supposed to do that again?"

She roared.

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Approximately 220 Words

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