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As humans, we've came to believe much of what the media tells us. That's about to change.
What's one of the first things you do when you wake up or one of the last things you do before going to bed when you're an adult? Most would answer this with this simple answer: "Check the news." Now what if I told you that some of the things the media tells you aren't entirely true. No big surprise, right? Now what if I said that about your local news program? Most likely you would think most of what they say is true. And you'd be right, but at the same time you'd be incorrect. The media world is fairly accurate when events are on the local level, but when things grow to an international level, they quickly lose focus. I've heard from a few in Britain that BBC, the most popular news service in the country, is spreading some Anti-American stories that are not very truthful. On the other hand, you can turn around and watch American news stations spread just as much misinformation. Now back to Europe. I actually live in the US, and believe me, I'll try to answer any questions you have about the US. The subject of interest that I've heard most about from foreign countries right now is Guantanamo Bay. I can assure you that anyone put into that prison had plausible evidence, but not all are proven guilty YET. Some have been arrested on evidence that pointed to terrorism but were able to prove otherwise. This place is a prison for suspected terrorists, and if you're released as an innocent the worst thing that the US would do to you afterwards would be to tail you to ensure that you are in fact not a terrorist. I've heard from a couple people in England that the US is viewed as "warmongering". When the United States of America goes to war, it's either a matter of national or world security / safety. We went into the War on Terrorism to track down and eliminate the terrorists who have killed thousands upon thousands of people all across the globe. I'll come back to foreign issues in a bit, but right now I want to address something about United States media. I've noticed that FOX news feeds quite a bit of misinformation to the public. Now, I don't have specific examples, but I know for a fact they are prone to get some facts wrong. Even the "almighty" New York Times has made large errors, and even refused to adress them. Now back to foreign stereotypes and questions... In Europe, the government runs healthcare and hospitals, and as a result taxes are higher, and some hospital service is not correct, but everyone gets health insurance and hospital care free of charge. In the United States, insurance companies are a free enterprise, run by private companies that currently refuse to lower rates. Hospitals are private institutions, you have to pay for treatment, but as a result you get advanced, high standard treatment. Now I don't intend to make this sound as propaganda for the US, and I am for sure not in the government, in fact I consider politics highly inefficient and a total waste of time. That's all I've got for now, message me for any suggestions!
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