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A Poem I wrote a good year ago
The Beach

Sitting on the beach untouched by time
I sink my toes in the sand and watch the world slowly pass me by
The shadow of the man I could’ve been haunts me
I know he is there in the corner of my eye I see
He is there constantly watching over me
He knows who am I and who I could be
Like a child from him I hide
On this island I do not age I’ve already died
My potential lounges smoking a cigar cursing me for the things I did to him
Like the rest of humanity cursing Adam and Eve for the original sin
As it seems my guilty conscience has run off with my dreams again
Running from problems and from society in search of understanding and a friend
It seems the island is the only one who will ever understand him
I slowly begin to rise above the trees and into the sky
His head is in the clouds as he begins to fly
He sees the island his only friend: The escape from all of his fears
Time, humanity, and life possess no solid meaning here
As he flies the sand twinkles like the sea of diamonds before it disappears
From his sight and soon the whispers of doubt are all he hears
The sound of madness the sound of silence all around
I’m growing scared now I think I should head back to the ground
These are all problems meant for another day
For my dreams have returned and they want to play
These are my problems and I’ll solve them in my own way
I say to my potential as he watches with judgmental eyes
As my irresponsibility grows he slowly dies
But he just smokes another cigar and offers a laugh
A sad one, lacking innocence, but a laugh is a laugh
But without innocence that laugh is only half
I forget my guilt for what I’ve done to him
And move out with my dreams to the water and together we swim
We splash around and have a blast
Without reality this moment will always last
And I can’t help but too remember the world I left behind
Where a moment moves in a moment’s time
It’s new home to a memory in your mind
The museum of your history, one of a kind
There you are as a child; you broke your arm look at the cast
Please don’t touch, and don’t get too close to the glass
The root of all evil is time
Without it the world is mine
I am free to chase the whims of love I had so long left behind
And I have never cared for the things of ordinary man
If the sane man can’t then maybe the madman can
I am gone I am gone far away to the beach
Whose ocean walls time cannot seem to breach
You wear the terrified mask of the clown
Behind that smile we all know is a frown
But you hide it because your troubles are your own
It’s such a shame we live together but feel so alone
We are involved in a fight we can never win
Live to die another day a minor victory yet again
One day you are going to be defeated
But no matter you had the fighting spirit
You will join me on the sand
As the sounds of the tide come crashing in
And I will approach you with a grin
Because I knew that in the end
You would never win
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