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by Sammie
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Had to make a story using as many candy names as possible and make it as long as possible.
Necco and Rolo looked out at the sky, watching the starburst of lights as they passed the earth. The night was clear. Not a single cloud distorted the dark blue color. The two friends enjoyed watching the stars and the moon orbit the earth. They had been sitting on a sno cap, admiring the Milky Way. The temperature was well below zero degrees Celsius.

Suddenly, a big, red light crashed into a snow hill, that had been frozen over, and was now a large, dark hole. Red laces of light still showed the path of which the craft had landed. Tufts of smoke emerged from the large hole.

Necco and Rolo curiously strolled over to where the light had landed. A large, metal machine had settled into the snow mound. They heard a slight krackle as the snow plummeted into the aircraft. Instantly melting, once it hit the heated metal.

What looked like a door, hissed open, and two men, and a woman, emerged from the wreckage. The snow crunched under their feet, carrying with them a winter fresh scent and a bit o' honey.

The woman had dark, chestnut hair. Her eyes had pitch black pupils, and bright, white irises, like a solar eclipse. Her plump, kissable lips were a rosy red, that sparkled in the moon light. She wore a silk, black dress that flowed at her ankles, in the night's breeze.

The men that had followed the woman out, claimed a spot on either side of her. They were muscular and taller than Necco and Rolo. One had black hair that swayed at his shoulders, the other one had blond hair, that was tied in a braid that ended at the man's lumbar, or lower back. Both men had dark blue eyes, that matched the sky around them.

The woman stepped forward, and curtsied in front of Necco and Rolo, “My name is Carmelo.” Her voice was like bells in Rolo's ears. “These are my body guards and companions, Charleston Chew and Skittles.”

The two boys snickered at the blond haired body guard's title, the one who had been referred to as Skittles.

The woman held up her hand to silence their laughter. “Would you two airheads show us the way to Mike and Ike's jewelry store? We have ordered a stone there that is needed to operate our ship.” When Necco and Rolo didn't answer, she added, “If you succeed in helping us, you would be our life savers, and would be highly rewarded.”

Necco and Rolo looked at each other, a smile forming on their faces. They nodded their agreements and jolted into a slow stride downhill.

Hours passed as they walked toward town, Necco's legs began to freeze from the extra length of time in the cold. He decided to take a fastbreak, and take 5 minutes to freshen up. He slowly eased to the ground, and his stomach began to growl with hunger.

Hearing the small rumble of need, Carmelo produced a small candy bar from the folds of her dress. “Eat, it's a nutrageous bar.”

Necco ate half the bar now, and later he would eat the rest, if he needed to. Rolo also handed him an apricot. A juicy fruit that looked similar to the peach and nectarine. Where his friend had found it, he didn't know, but was delighted to eat the delicacy in the middle of the winter.

After the short break, the small group continued on their way, lead by the northern star. It was like a bull's eye, that never blinked. It watched them curiously, silently taunting them.

Finally, they made it to the small shop. Carmelo entered first, sliding the old door back. It creaked as the old hinges allowed the wooden structure to open. “Oh, Henry!” She called into the empty room, but only silence greeted her.

Necco and Rolo entered after her, spotting several nestled treasures, hidden in storage cases. Most of them were resting on soft pillows and blankets. The different fabrics drew ones attention to the flamboyant stones.

A short man with glasses, tight blue jeans, and a T-shirt emerged from the darkness. He looked more like a nerd than anything. “My sugar babies!” he called to the three warriors. He hugged and kissed Carmelo, then turned his attention to Necco and Rolo. “Why are you hanging out with the town goobers?”

Carmelo turned back to the boys. “The smarties helped lead us to your shop.”

Pride bubbled up in the boys, as the women praised their help. Satisfied that their deed had helped her, though ice still clung to their pant legs, the boys nodded.

The one called Henry, turned to the boys, “It's your payday boys. Since you helped these 3 muskateers to my shop, I'm going to reward you with a $100,000 bar.” Without another peep, the man disappeared into the darkness once more. He returned with a bag full of candy, and handed them to the boys.

As they grabbed handfuls of sugary treats, the room began to spin and fade. The floor rose to greet the two friends. In a few moments, they lost all consciousness. Darkness filled their minds with dread.

“Wake up dum dums.” A voice called, “You're going to be late for trick or treating.”

Necco opened his eyes. He and Rolo had fallen asleep at the base of an oak tree, near their house. The boy who aroused them from sleep, threw a butterfinger at Necco's head. Jolting him fully awake.

He slowly stood, walked into the house, and grabbed a bottle of root beer. He opened it and threw the bottle cap into the garbage. He had a whopper of a headache that refused to recede. Necco walked back outside to find Rolo looking down into his pond, staring at the swedish fish that thrived in the small living space.

His parents were nowhere in sight. They probably went to the store, on a small shopping spree, to buy all sorts of candy for Halloween night. Taking with them, his little sister. She was just a baby; Ruth was her name.

Necco sighed. If only his dream had been real. He stuck his hands in his pockets, and felt an item nestled in the crevices. He pulled out the object and stared at the half eaten nutrageous bar. . .
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