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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1859962
The never ending battle for good!

              "In the name of the Holy Bible and God's only Son Jesus,
              we cast out the demon inside you!"

        Three Teenage girls stand at Muzzy's front door clutching their Bibles.
        They are clothed in skintight jeans and tight Jesus Rocks t-shirts.

              "Would you like some chocolate chip cookies?" Muzzy queries.

        "We are the Teenage Exorcists! We have come to drive out the demon
        inside you... Mr. Muzzy!" a slender blonde girl chirps.

              "Well, thanks. But, don't you believe in free will? If we are to have
        a choice between good and evil, we need to know what evil is.
        So. Without the demons within us we cannot make an informed
        choice not to do evil." Muzzy munches on a cookie.

              "Want a cookie?" he continues.

        The teenage exorcists look confused and start munching Muzzy's cookies.
        In two shakes of a lambs tail they are all celebrating the spring solstice
        with a merry naked orgy to the fertility Goddess Freya.

        Happy Easter!
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