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by brom21
Rated: · Short Story · Other · #1860077
An entomologist who studies spiders creates something that is twisted for evil.
Entomologist Derik Wyvern had always been fascinated with the existence of those tiny terrors called spiders. Where most people were naturally afraid of them, he never was. As a child, he studied and adored them. He could name over three-hundred type of spiders. Now as an adult, he was on the verge of synthetically creating the spider’s webbing as well as discovering a substance made from venom that would heal muscular and nerve damage. After a few months of final processing, he believed he was ready to begin trying his medicinal substance on patients. It gave Dr. Wyvern peace that he worked at a top secret U.S. lab so that there would be no media meddling.

It was 3:30 am and Dr. Wyvern arrived to a patients room and carried a plastic box filled with vials of his special solution.

“Hello Mr. Price. How are you doing?”he said.

“What can I say...It sucks having to take morphine for nerve pain. What are you here for and what’s in that box?”

“Mr. Price, what would you think if there was a chance that you could be completely healed of your condition?”

“Besides that being impossible, it would be a dream.” A curios look came across his face mixed with an anxious feeling. “Why do you ask?”

“Mr. Price, you could be the very first person to be administered a serum that might completely heal you, and pave the way for the solution to thousands of peoples suffering” the doctor said.

“What! Really!? You’re telling me it’s actually possible!? I could live a normal life?.” Mr. Price looked down. “Will there be any side effects?”

“We’ve tried it on sheep with no adverse effects. It should be perfectly safe,”said the doctor. “All it will take is a simple injection.”

The afflicted man started to tear up. “I’ll finally be able to be free again, I could go back to live my family and do all the things I’ve been dreaming of.”

The doctor gave him the injection. “When will it start to work?” said the man.

“About two or three weeks your morphine drip will be lessoned and you should start feeling relief by then. I’ll check on you at that time. Stay positive and I’ll see you later. Good bye.”

As he made he made his way out of the hospital he was met by a colleague called Dr. Terris who had worked with him. An alarming look was in his eyes gasping.. “Doctor, its’ horrible… Something’s happened. It concerns your work and the defense department.”

“What is it?”

Terris was still gasping bent over.

“They’ve… been aware of your work and they have had… a special team of scientists working with all of your research to create a weapon- a mutagenic serum used to alter the physical state of humans!”

“Where did you hear that?” said Doctor Wyvern.

“I heard an official talk about it to another scientist. I suspect he is part of the group responsible for the weapon’s development.”

“What can we do? When do they plan to test this abomination?”

“Dr. Terris looked down and shut his eyes and shook his head like trying to awake from a horrific nightmare. His face grew pale and appeared to want to vomit. “They already have. Oh, Derik it was awful; what they did to that dog. They turned it into a freak of nature! I watched it happen hidden in one of the empty chemical drums …spider’s legs… it grew spider’s legs! …and long horrible fangs!”

“Impossible! Who could be so deranged? Do you know when they plan to do this on human subjects?”

“No, but it will happen and soon.”

“If we’re to stop this we should go to the media. The people won’t stand for this.”

Both hurried to Derik’s car but suddenly both of them were grabbed by men in trench coats and were sedated unconscious. They awoke in bed restraints in a lab

Where are we?”said Dr. Terris

“You’re in one of the government’s top secret labs. I’m Nathan Thalix; the government official overseeing this operation.” Dr. Terris The whole room was heat censored when you hid. You can’t be allowed to go about spilling thisabroad. . You be the one to first be exposed to the mutagenic formula.”

“Wait Mr. Thalix. It’s best to administer a saline solution to accelerate the process of mutation.” The words came from a scientist in his mid-twenties.

Then a cell phone beeped from the officials coat. “Thalix here. Okay, understood. “ Wait until I come back.” He quickly left through a metal door.

“Come on we have to leave; All three of us.” Said the young scientist with haste in his voice.

“You’re helping us?”

“I’ve been forced to do what I’ve been doing against my will. It was that or death” He quickly unstrapped them and the three scientists to the exit with a clearance pass.

Thalix pulled out a gun as soon as they exited. “Back inside, “he said.

Just as Thalix closed the door behind them, the young scientist turned and stuck him with a needle.”

“No! What have you done?”

Thalix fell on the ground and went into convulsions. Stick like protrusions stared to grow on the sides of his torso. Sharp two foot black fangs came out of his jaw. Multiple eyes started to form around his head.

As soon as the exited, they shut the door cutting off his painful cries.

“What now?”said Dr. Terris

“We go to the media, “said Dr. Wyvern

“We can take my car. Let’s hurry before someone stops us, “said the young scientist.

They informed the media and it became the scandal of the century. Other personnel from the top secret operation came forward too. As for the patient Mr. Price, he made a full recovery. Dr. Wyvern only regret was that the government would become rich of it and only certain people would receive the treatment. . He fulfilled his task.

Word Count: 998

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