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A Slave to Hosiery ?
              How many ways can you dress?
      Hosiery dates back to the third century in hand knitted silk discovered
      in the ruins of the ancient Syrian city of Dura Europos, founded in 280
      BC. Further evidence of knitted stockings have been found in Egyptian
      tombs of the Coptic period. Each toe had a knitting much like mittens.

              I've noticed a rubber toe stocking on many feet these days.
      It appears to provide the same protection as a shoe, while fitting each
      toe like a mitten. Everything old is new again.

              Recently, I observed a slender girl with blue hosiery under
      cheek high shorts. Unfortunately, she chose hosiery with a reinforced
      crotch. The double square patch was apparent along the crease of her
      butt. Still, it was very erotic.

              I've yet to see the use of hosiery in tank tops as much as in
      the 70's. The feminist liked to display their breasts dimensions with tight
      hosiery tank tops. Oh, those were the days. There was a blonde
      feminist in my neighborhood, who liked to do yard work topless.
      She said "She was working on her tan and if a flabby man can go topless
      why cant she?"

              Well, I think clothing is very erotic on the right people.
      I know sometimes women get huffy about being ogled, but that's what
      sexy dress is for. I've never been attractive enough to warrant hosiery.
      But, I do see a lot of men slipping into running tights. Their always slim.
      I'd look like a walrus. I  have to slim down and put on a pair of...
      running tights. Just to tease.

                This is crazy, but do you ever want to say, "Your so sexy in those
      ... running tights." Not a good idea. You'd probably get into a fight.
      "May I touch your hosiery? The fabric looks so smooth." That's asking
      for trouble. You know I haven't seen any fishnet or daisy patterns on
      hosiery ... Maybe it's out of fashion. The sandals are everywhere.
      And they look very Egyptian. I love to see a single thong sandal with
      strapping up to the heel. That is so sexy.

              My Entertainment Magazine has a doll with pink lipstick.
      Pink is awesome, but red is bloody wicked. I'm also seeing eye lash
      extensions. That takes me back to 70's and 80's. There are a lot of
      girls wearing hosiery tight jeans. It makes me want to spank their
      painted on back pockets.

            This is way out, but what if you could dip in tub of rubber and
      wear a rubber skin suit? Rubber is hot and clumsy, but the shine is
      just pure fetish. How about rubber catsuits for public dress?
      It would be like Mardi Gras! ... . This is getting silly.

      I'll take a nap and see things more clearly..
      Nope, I've always loved hosiery.
      My sisters use to dress me up.
      But, I'm not sure rubber is as comfortable.
      I've never worn it. It looks really sweaty..


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