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On a walk an old man is out of breath, wanting to hire a horse something happened instead.
The day was hot, not a cloud in site, the dirt road felt like it was on fire beneath the mans feet as he staggered his way home. He was not as young as he used to be and was no longer able to walk his fair distance to reach his families farm. Slowly reaching the edge of town, he spotted the Amiville Livery. Smiling a sweet, gentle grin he slowly wandered into the refreshing barn area. He walked past the stalls reading each form on the horse, how it behaved and handled being ridden. His almost bald head partially covered by a light silky grey that looked like he wore a hat with a hole in the top. His boots torn and ruined from the rocks and ditches he had tripped and fallen over.

As he wandered from stall to stall something strange caught his attention, half way around he could here a mare whinny the highest pitch sound he'd ever heard. Turning to face the stall without a form hung up he wandered over with his old man limp, peeking inside the stall he chuckled a sensational laugh, his green eyes laid upon the pinto mare who was running in circles like a dearly young filly. He looked about seeing a stable hand he waved her over as he smiled baring the old ragged yellow teeth "Howdy Miss, May I ask why 'ts pretty lady ain't gotta form to look at..." his old croaky voice seemed gentle and kind as he leant on the door of the stall while listening to the young lady speak. "oh, Hello Sir, she ain't really for hire is all, she ain't like the rest, she's gotta problem, no one has been able to fix or work out what it is." she sighed as she watched the mare running in circles.

"Well ma' deary, I'd say what 'bout couple'a coins and I'll Take'a off ya hands." He smiled at her and looked back in, pulling an apple from his satchel on his back he held it out to the mare locked in her stall. Of course like a sudden breeze she perked up and took the apple eating it happily, juices and chunks of it sliding down her chin as she began prancing around her stall like a young-in'. The young stable hand nodded to the man she wandered off to get the manager as she held up her skirt as not to trip.

While Mr. Dom, the dear old man gently stroke the mares muzzle he chuckled softly when she lipped his fingers. Slowly wandering out of the vets office a tall slim woman headed for the old gentleman with two forms and a pencil as she smiled at him "Pleasure to see you again Dom, here to take another beauty from us, I got the form ta fill in an all the details bout this lovely challenge." Dom smiled at her "Mrs. Maria, pleasures all mine, I'll take her off ya hands" he took the forms from her with a gentle hand and the pencil in his other as he leant against the wall filling in the pieces. "May I ask what her name is?" Dom looked puzzling at Mrs. Maria as she spoke softly "Names Quick Split, she was abandoned at our gates after being abused an her family left town."

Dom sighed shaking his head as he finished filling out the form and handed it back with the pencil "pleasure doin' business with ya again." Maria only nodded as she took the coins from him and headed back to her office. Dom chuckled and opened the stall grabbing the lead hanging up he hooks it onto her halter and leads out the eager mare.

His journeys continue on a later time, hows my story so far, its only a draft, hope you liked it.
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