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My Son is Coming Home on Leave

My son is coming home on leave from the Marine Corps. He will be home next week. He just called to let me know.  I sent off a son who was still a teenager and now he returns to me as a strong virile hunk of a man.

There is just so much that I need to get done before he arrives in three days. He called to tell me to take off the entire week.  He didn’t want me going to work while he was home.  We were going to spend a lot of time together. I was both thrilled and apprehensive about that.

I vividly remembered the last time he was home on leave. I also know it will be the same again. I want it so much while at the same time I dread it. I’ve  started jotting down a to-do list. Call my boss for time off, go grocery shopping, get my hair done, get my nails done, schedule a bikini wax, get out my other clothes, the ones my son wants to see me in. You see, I love my son. No I mean I LOVE my son.

What is going to happen is for seven days I will become my son’s fuck-toy.  I am going to enjoy every moment that he is here.  I am also going to do anything he asks so he enjoys that time also.  I will have sex with him in any way he wants in any manner or place he chooses.  The sex will be a hot sweaty passionate coupling of two lust filled people.  I don’t care what others think.  I only care for what my lover wants. You may be disturbed at me but I can’t change things. I will do whatever my son asks me to do. The things he asks me to do are generally reserved for lovers so I guess you can call him my lover.

When I say I love my son what I mean is that he is my lover.  I know that society frowns upon what we are doing. I don’t give a damn.  He is my man for the brief time he is home and I will do whatever he asks of me. My only desire will be to please him. My son is very good looking and could have his choice of almost any young woman; however he has chosen me. To quote him “why should I chase girls when I have you at home”?

So I begin to prepare myself for his coming.  There are a lot of little details to put in place.  I have known this day was approaching so I have been spending a few extra hours at the gym trying to tone some of this middle-aged body.  It hasn’t been easy but I’m happy that I also took the cardio exercises because I know my son will definitely be giving me a work-out.

I look into the mirror on my dresser and review the image in its glassy surface. It shows a forty-two year old woman with auburn hair with lighter red highlights. She stands five foot five and is in fairly good shape. As I pull my blouse over my head my bra cased thirty-eight inch C cup breasts bounce up and down. I reach behind and release the elastic paneled bra. As it falls away I note my breasts with large dark areoles and eraser size nipples do sag a bit but I know this next week they will be held up by a shelf type bra with heavy under wiring so they will appear even larger and the uncovered nipples with be in constant hardness.

I will spend quite a bit of time getting my makeup just right.  Eye brows and lashes and of course some dark sensuous eye shadow to give me those bed room eyes.  A hint of blush to highlight my cheeks and then the full treatment of things to make my lips kissable and make him want to use it to satisfy his lust there also.  I spent a lot of evening training my mouth and throat to accept his size.  My son, my lover is very well endowed.

I’ll choose jewelry which will arouse him as well.  Necklaces that disappear down my cleavage.  Earrings that dangle and tantalize and of course the tongue stud to use to massage his hard cock when it is sliding in and out of my hot wet mouth.

I won’t get much sleep over the time my son is home. The reason for that is that we will spend each night in my bed. During that time he will fuck me in every position imaginable and he has a very long and vivid imagination. It does not matter if I am on my back with my ankles locked upon his shoulders, or riding astride him like a cowgirl at the rodeo or even bent over with his long hard cock splitting me from behind. All night every night I will provide my son with great hot sex. By the morning I will look like a wet rag.

After that we will go downstairs for breakfast. As my son sits and drinks his coffee and orange juice I will be kneeling between his knees drinking the cum directly from his cock.

After that I can get a little rest before I have to get dressed, as my son likes to go out clubbing before we head back up to the bedroom. I dress the way my son wants me to look. He has made it quite clear how he wants me to look; a short mini skirt, tight blouse with a lot of cleavage showing, tall heels and erotic underwear or none at all.  I will be hot sexy and ready to please my man.

While we are out I may be required to perform sexually for him or one of his friends, like being fondled openly, blowing him in the men’s rest room or being fucked over the hood of a car or standing against the wall in some alley.  Whatever happens I always have mind blowing orgasms when he fills me with his cock.

I am glad he will only be home for a short time. This time it will be a little different however. He told me this time he also wants to take me in the ass.

My son is coming home on leave and I am so happy.

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