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Follow the account of strange mental patient.
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Leonard’s tall seven foot emaciated body rested on his bed with his legs that stuck out over it. Everything in the room was white; his hospital gown, his sheets and the metal door that locked him in. Suddenly he heard the clinking of the keys as a doctor turned the one for his room in the lock.

“Here they came to drug me up some more,” he said as he sighed.

The doctor entered the room with a superficial smile and a nurse along with him. “Good morning Leonard. How are you?”

He got up and sat on his bed. “Don’t try to act like you care. You just see me as a threat to society for no reason. Being on the streets with schizophrenia may have been bad, but I still have no chance of accomplishing anything with you drugging me up. Sometimes I wish I could just be worker at McDonald’s, be an average Joe. “

“Now you’ve only been here for three days. With some counseling and some additional time you should improve. Now take your meds please,” the doctor said in a slight demanding tone.

Leonard took the colorful array of pills from a plastic tray from the nurse and swallowed them with a cup of water that the doctor had. “It’s group time,” said the doctor.

Lenard lethargically followed the nurse down a white hall to a room with chars in a circle. He sat down among the other patients. His red hair and tall bony body got stares from everybody in the circle. His torso rose over the back of the chair and his legs protruded outward.

The doctor sat in the circle. “Who wants to share first? ”he said.

An old man with glasses and brown and grey hair raised his hands with much ease. “For everyone who is new, my name is Theo. I’m sixty-five years old I’ve been here for six months. I admitted myself to this ward because of my sever bipolar disorder. With the right medication and therapy I’m to be released within two weeks.” Theo smiled taking a big breath and sat down. The group applauded.

“Anyone else?” said the doctor. Leonard, you’re new here. Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

He spoke from his chair. “My name is Leonard…..I’m…..schizophrenic. Thank you.” He said and then sat down.

Another patient with a beaming smile spoke up and spoke with exhilaration. “My name is Roy and I have the power over life and death! I can also travel back in time. I’ve come from the future to gather all those who have powers like me. Leonard, you’re one of the chosen. In three days I’ll gather the rest and return to the future.”

“Sure why not,” Leonard said sarcastically.

“Roy how many more have powers?” asked the doctor.

“Oh for the love of… you’re just reinforcing his delusions doctor!” said a patient as he gave the doctor an annoyed look.

“John, please emphasize with our schizophrenic patients.”

John was still upset. “I know. I don’t understand. I only have OCD. Never mind.”

“Well. I suppose that’s it for now. The group is dismissed.” The doctor walked away down the hall out of Leonard’s sight. Roy sat next to him. “So when do you use your powers?” he said.

Leonard was looking at the floor with glassy eyes and slowly looked up at Roy. “Ya know pal, I may be sedated and drowsy but on the bright side I’m well enough to see how crazy I was, just like you.”

Then Roy had a very different d peculiar come over him. The happy, delusional persona left his face and he looked at Leonard with calmness and seriousness. Leonard could see a steady saneness countenance.

“Leonard, do you think I’m crazy?” Roy said.

John had overheard his words. “Sorry kook, but you’re crazier than a loon. I have a headache. Could you take care of it for me. What a nut job,” he said as he shook his heads and walked away.

Leonard was brought back to Roy’s question. “Were you faking it? You seem sound all of a sudden.”

“I’me not crazy. Us “schizophrenics” as we have been called have the ability to think and comprehend more than other people. Most of us can’t handle their powers and they go mad. I’ve learned to hone mine.”

“Sorry, I can’t think straight. What did you say?”

Roy looked around and touched Leonard’s forehead.

“Whoa! How can this be? I feel my delusions coming back!”

“Stay calm and accept you true feelings. Shut out the fearful voices and get control over your mind,” Roy said as he held him by the head.”

Leonard shut his eyes tight and started to take deep breaths until he felt calm. The voices are gone but I still feel like I can read others minds.”

If you’re wondering, the reason why I’m so crazy it’s so I could get in here and collect the rest that I’ve been assigned to take.

“Why are we going to the future?” said Leonard.

“A terrible disaster will occur and only those like us have the ability to stop it. In my future only a few of the gifted are free. The rest were kept in places like this.”

“How will we get there?”

A portal will open up that we’ll escape through. I will cause a sleep to come over everyone. But, it’s your choice.

“I’ll go, “said Leonard.

Three nights later Leonard was pacing in his room, with stomach twinges I anticipation. Finally, it began. His door opened and Roy walked in. “It’s time, “he said. He followed Roy to the back exit past those who were asleep. They stopped. “Prepare yourself,” said he.

Leonard’s jaw dropped as he saw a purple spiraling vortex. “After you,” Roy spoke smiling.

He stepped through the portal and Roy followed. The next day the ward reported both of the patience as escaped. Needless to say they were never found.

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