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So here I am, back with my second write-up. I want to try and succeed in my mission to write daily or almost daily.

Yesterday, I spoke about Life in general. I think there is much more to life than we get to know about it. We cannot know everything or most of the things about life by merely growing in age. We need real experience for understanding the true meaning of life.

Lots of surprises awaits us. The experiences can be good, on the other hand, can be bad or worse too, but you got to take it as a challenge and face it or hide yourself. But, being in a closet won't help for long, one day you will have to face them, there seems to be no escape from the incidents, happenings, and the other things which glares or stares at us every moment, waiting for their time to reach each one of us. We cannot survive from our share of sweetness and sourness, happiness and sadness, good and bad, love and hatred, life and death.

Life is certainly different for everyone. If we consider life from an Individual's perspective, I suppose, life is so unique and mysterious that, he or she is worried most of the time, and doesn't know the answers to the questions life poses in front of him or her, many problems for which he or she continuously fights with everyone and everything including himself or herself. People as a group or as a society cannot get to know precisely what is going on in any Individual's life, they can just be an odeons and nothing more. They can only analyse while being out of the real happenings, as they are not a part of it, but cannot know for sure as to what is the real matter and what is the fact, which only increases one's difficulties in life, and in no way help him or her. Society can only increase his or her traumas, but there seems to be no one who can really help such folks.

Yet life is so very dear to almost everyone. When I was a child I always thought what is this life all about. There were so many questions in my mind then and still they are hiding somewhere in some corner of my mind. Did I get the answers to all of them or most of them. I am sorry to say, but I didn't, despite undergoing the worst of experiences in my life. 

I think several times that, life must not be so disheartening, disappointing, disgusting, troublesome, and filled with much more sadness than happiness.

Life interests me the most, though, not without me hating it at times, and loving it at some other points in my life.
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