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Phoenix shares Easter with his family, then dyes Easter eggs with his friend...
Phoenix did not shower until about 1000 Easter morning.  After all, it was Easter.  A day of remembrance and celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection.  After showering, Phoenix called his parents to wish them Happy Easter.  The conversation quickly turned to the stairwell enclosure, however.  Phoenix's spouse was planning on working on it, but did not know how much - perhaps the roof would get put on today, perhaps not.  Phoenix's mother offered to come in and help, coughing and hacking on the other end of the line from being ill at the same time.  She was sick, and Phoenix did not want her to overdo anything while she was sick.  Phoenix said he would talk to his spouse about it and get back to her.  His mother also asked if his brother had given him the $300.  What $300?  About five minutes after hanging up with his mother, his brother came down and gave him an envelope with $300 in cash in it.  "For whatever you need.  Materials, whatever."  Phoenix asked if his mother had called him.  "Yes."  Phoenix's mother obviously did not want the money misspent again and wanted this project done.  The conversation between Phoenix and his brother was short, but Happy Easters and I love you's were exchanged before his brother left.  Phoenix texted his friend Happy Easter and they had a full conversation texting on their cell phones before Phoenix called his mother back about the project.  He lied and told  his mother that his spouse was just going to do some measuring and cutting that day, and that they did not need her to come in.  Phoenix, in fact, said he was coming out to visit.

Phoenix arrived at his parents' house shortly thereafter and found them making goulash for him for Easter dinner.  It was very good, and very simple.  It was also very filling.  They decided to make sugar cookies as well, with real butter - the kind that Phoenix's spouse loved.  Phoenix ended up mediating between his parents as they worked together to make the cookies.  His mother and father definitely had different styles of going about things, especially cooking.  His father was impatient, measuring everything with precision, and was stubbornly, rigidly perfectionistic about his cooking.  His mother was a relaxed cook - a dash here, a pinch there - and not worried about everything being perfectly in order when it was not critical.  His father did the mixing, while Phoenix read the recipe card and his mother added ingredients.  It was Phoenix's job to roll the dough into balls, roll them in the sugar, then place them on the cookie sheet.  They turned out excellent!  They sent a dozen and a half home with Phoenix for his spouse.  Phoenix left around 1400.  Next stop?  Wal-Mart for Easter egg dye kits and eggs so that he and his friend could dye Easter eggs.

Wal-Mart was out of Easter egg dye kits, so Phoenix went to Albertson's.  They had plenty, so Phoenix bought three kits and a dozen eggs.  He picked his friend up, who had the styrofoam cups, but they had to go back to Albertson's for vinegar.  Once at Phoenix's place, his friend got the table organized and they got the eggs started heating.  In the meantime, his friend cross-stitched while Phoenix played his guitar for her.  She was impressed and tried to get a few photos of him with his guitar, but could not get her camera to focus just right.  After a while, the eggs were ready to be dyed.  Phoenix and his friend combined two dye kits to have enough dye to immerse the eggs in the cups because Phoenix, not knowing what he was doing, bought the extra large variety of eggs.  Phoenix focused on making black Easter eggs and otherworldly eggs while his friend focused on making eggs that Phoenix said could be Dr. Seuss eggs.  They had a good time, and even dyed a few brown eggs to see what the effect would be.  They all turned out looking superb.  Phoenix took his friend home at around 2100 and cleaned up their mess before having some ramen noodles at his place.  He was grateful for his friend.  She had made him an Easter card, bought him a Cadbury egg, and shared her frappuccino, on top of hanging out with him and making Easter egg dying a blast.  Phoenix was thankful.  It had been a good Easter.
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