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An ode dedicated to a heart warming act of repentance
Jesus strolling past Jericho
this is how the story goes
peeks skyward  what does he see?
wee little man atop a sycamore tree

“Zacchaeus” he demands “come on down
hop off that limb onto the ground!
let us go to where you stay
wish to dine with you today”

we do well in not forgetting
that this happened in a public setting
some of the crowd hissed and booed
others, just plain disapproved

saying within “the nerve of him
to speak with this sinner
and worse yet
join him for dinner”

yet the tax man felt the Lord’s bond
and this is how he did respond
“master I climbed up to this place
hoping for your saving grace

to my bank I open the door
half my wealth goes to the poor
of any sums that I have cheated
I will restore four times repeated

Jesus declared
“salvation you’ve found
Zacchaeus my brother
your heaven bound”

look good folk
it’s not that tough
all this grace,mercy
repentance stuff

just you recall
this very scene
that takes place
in Luke nineteen

confess your wrongs and feel badly
God above  will forgive you gladly
all it takes to make a clean start
is a pure, sincere and trusting heart

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