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No matter how wrong, she knew, it was love at first sight... (Free Verse)

I opened my eyes and saw
The beauty of the world before me.
Protected, sheltered and appreciated
I was, and I was content.

That was before I met you.
You, who were my complete opposite,
With your vibrant eyes so full of life
Whenever you laughed.

In that brief moment, when
Our eyes met, the music slowed,
Blood was pounding so loud in my ears
That I thought my heart would burst…
I knew then, my world wasn’t
Perfect. It never had been.

Over-protected, caged and envied,
Is the reality that has always
Been laid before me. The one
I refused to acknowledge,
For I wasn’t strong enough, nor
Brave enough to ever face the truth.

I opened my eyes, and felt
My whole world crumbling down;
Though I didn’t feel afraid, not
When you were standing
Right across me, glowing,
Surrounded by an ethereal light
I’d never seen in my life.

My hands weren’t clammy, I was
Not nervous; though my heart was
Racing, beating so fast as if it knew
Each breath I took was numbered.

I recognized the treacherous feeling
For what it was. Love.
Simple as that, not even the least bit
Exciting. And I knew it was wrong.
It wasn’t meant to be…

Tomorrow, at the same time
As when our eyes met, I will be
Given away to someone else.
My mind and body, my soul will
Be tied to his in front of the Lord;
But never my heart, and never Me.

Tomorrow, at exactly twelve,
The bells will ring, and you
Won’t hear my heart breaking.

Tomorrow, our eyes will meet again,
And I will die at that exact moment.
Never will I tell you no matter how
Wrong this feeling; it was love
At first sight, my goddess…

...50 lines...
No meter. No rhyme.
...Free Verse...

Originally, this was supposed to be the edited version
of an old poem I wrote and posted here,
which is "Invalid Item...
But when I finished editing/rewriting,
it turned into a COMPLETELY different poem.
So, I decided to just upload it as a NEW poem
just with the same title. *Bigsmile*
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