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My cats are not vegans.
      The animal kingdom shows no mercy for the weak.
      Animals eat animals.
      It is the blood tooth and claw that drives my cats.
      These predators prefer canned meat to pulverized dried meat,
      but will also kill mice and insects for sport and food.

      I think and am therefore a higher intelligence, than my cats.
      I ponder the meaning of life, while trying to eat a sloppy-Joe
      without spilling it.
      I am an omnivore. I eat vegetables and meat.
      Does this mean I am the master of the animal kingdom?

      No. The ecosystem must be obeyed or all life will become extinct.
      For want of a mosquito a frog was loss.
      For want of a frog a crane was loss.
      For want of a crane a leopard was loss.
      The chain of predator and prey is a fragile balance.

      Humans do not conform to this natural law.
      The elephant in the room, which no one wants
      to talk about is overpopulation.
      How do you control human overpopulation?
      Mass consumption is the engine of capitalism.
      But, how much toxic waste can this planet absorb?
      We are running out of fresh water.
      Petroleum is in every plastic and rubber product including toothpaste
      and medicine capsules ..
      Reducing fuel consumption will not stop our dependence on oil.
      And we are running out of oil.

      Oil spills and petroleum waist causes toxic damage to animal and
      plant life on a global scale.
      But, the more fuel there is, the larger the population becomes and
      the more it consumes, the more waist it produces.
      The N.A.S. has reported the reduction in ozone in the atmosphere
      is causing violent climatic changes.
      If the ozone decreases further certain habitats could become devoid
      of life such as fresh water marine wetlands and marshes.

      Waist management of basic sewage is killing off marine life at a species
      a year with rising ph levels and alga.
      Where do we put all our shit?
      According the U.S. core of engineers, all coastal sewage is pumped off
      shore and all inland sewage is leached into septic lagoons.
      The estimate is a billion tons of shit are produced each year in the U.S.A.
      All of which makes humans the most toxic animals on Earth.

      On that cheery note, consider how much water is spent flushing
      your toilet.
      So, when I clean my cat's litter box,
      I wonder how long the plastic bag will last in the landfill.

      Maybe I should bury the shit outside and recycle the litter box liner?

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